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Angel Fantasy/Laidoll Yin?

Mar 13, 2007

    1. Does anyone have this boy? I'm interested to know anything about him other than what I can read on the Laidoll website. How does he pose? What does he look like in clothes other than the simple default? Different face-ups? Anyone planning to get him?

      I'll probably eventually get him. But in the meantime...

      http://laidoll.com/views.asp?hw_id=121 <--link for those who are not familiar with him
    2. ...you're better than me. I was curious so I just bought him instead of asking. :lol:

      But sadly he isn't here yet. I got a factory face up by Ulat and it's not the default but it's modified default so...not that different I should think.

      Anyway, I'll be sure to get pictures of him up and would be happy to test posing ability for you once he does get here.

      I ordered him from Laidoll on Feb. 3rd. Unfortunately I've no idea how long this will take but I'm already going insane.
    3. He's 46cm. One of the taller MSD size dolls.
    4. I just ordered a White Skin Yin almost a week ago...had some trouble with buying directly from laidoll (shipping never added in), but I got that all straightened out, and she said that he should be shipped out before the end of April :)
    5. Shipping to the US was $51. About average, I think.

      I have a DZ Fei, and he's totally adorable. The company pics do not do him justice at all. If you want him or any of the DZ boys, though, go through Junkyspot.
    6. Angel-13 -- I totally suck, I did not even see that post or I would have picspammed the hell out of you. ^_^

      Do you have measurements on your Yin? The Laidoll measurements cover -maybe- half of him, and I don't want to get started on his outfit until I know what'll fit him.
    7. A question for all of you: I wanted to look at the Angel Fantasy/ Laidoll website, and the site will come up, but it will not display any dolls. Is the website working correctly right now or is it something wrong with my internet?
      ~Thanks, KT
    8. It's not your internet, they started shifting over to a new site about a month ago and it still isn't working. You can see -some- pictures -- not many, but some -- at store.laidoll.com.

      I totally need measurements for a Yin! I'm begging you, people. *grovel*
    9. This link from the first message does not work for me:

      Their old store link is the only thing that works for me (from before the redid their site?):

      And here is Yin:

      Here is the big strip of photos that do not show - I copied the link and changed www to store, and then it worked:

      BTW - I did send them a message last week about the problems with their website. I can never pull up anything at http://www.laidoll.com/