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Angel Fantasy Mini discussion part 1

May 26, 2008

    1. I have had my boy for a couple of weeks now, he's my first doll, but it would seem very few people have dolls by this brand ~~ nobody on here even seems to have the Silicon, which is the mould I bought.
      So, I thought I would start a thread for anybody who does have one of these guys or girls; however old or far down the board it gets, please feel free to reply, because perhaps replies will be few and far between like the dolls seem to be? When I bought him, I could find very little about the quality of the brand to go by, and no default pictures or anything like that. I think this thread might be useful to people, if we all contribute!


      Personally, I am really, really pleased with my boy. He came with wig/eyes/random clothes, which I didn't choose, and default faceup (which was free, it would only cost if I wanted custom). it's a beautiful faceup, and they matched it to the blonde wig they sent me. The resin is very nice in my opinion, not too shiny at all, although around the waist joint there seems to be ever such slight rubbing between the two pieces causing a little shinyness (this is probably true of all dolls though, and I wouldn't know ~~ not complaining). The body is lovely to pose, if the arms are a bit springy, but it can go allsorts like sit with the knees out to the sides. They have much attitude! He is quite tall for an MSD, but I haven't bought many clothes for him yet, so I can't comment on fitting further than that the jumper and jeans he got with him fitted really well.

      ...Mod Note...

      Angel Fantasy Mini discussion part 1:
    2. I LOVE AF dolls - but you knew that....

      Yeah post lots of pix of him, nothing gets people interested in the brand so much as pix <goes to dig out one of Kefri> There's quite a big thread on Lilys - which was AF's first doll when they were still 'Laidoll - which is NOT the same as lolidoll' I think the name change has confused some people, Angel Fantasy, Dream doll and Laidoll are names that have been associated with these.

      aha - a piccy - Kef's the one on the horse LOL

      I loved my girl from the minute I saw her pic on the screen, and when she arrived.... wow! She is so expressive, and such a joy to pose most of the time.
    3. If I remember correctly, LaiDoll still did have one Yin in stock...but sadly LaiDoll has been down for quite sometime now :sweat. I'm really sad that they discontinued Yin. I hope you are able to find one in the future Sue!! :D

      Here's a pic of my boy that I took the other day:
    4. I have the Lily sculpt that Yanagi mentioned a few posts earlier!
      So I figured that I'd post some of my favorite pictures of her!

      So, this is my favorite (and only) BJD, Emi!

      A picture of her not long after I got her:

      I'll post more pictures of her when I can!

      I look forward to seeing more pictures of your AF MSD dolls!
    5. No, Bunny pictures yet...but here is a picture I took a few weeks ago of my Yin and Kaga's Lily (Emi) :)

    6. [​IMG]

      This is actually my favorite picture of my Lily, Emi, and Yanagi's Yin, Hokori.
    7. hi) I live angel fantasy Alice - I called her Chiisa. she is very agile and pleasant to the touch, I'm very happy with it :)
    8. i have an AF Hope....

      here's a pic of her pre-mod:

      i wiped her faceup and am going to mod her eyes bigger and sand down her nose and maybe a few other things.... i cant speak for her resin... she is ns and is on the yellow side. which i think is the color she was when purchased. im not the original owner. but qaulity is good. (she was purchased a few years back derict from the company from a friend of mine) and posing is excellent. :) hope this helps a little.
    9. i began her mods!


      i hope someone likes her. :)
    10. This is my girl Aria Giselle (AF Lily)

    11. ive worked some more on my girl... shes coming along now... and developing personality

      Untitled by kittywolf13, on Flickr
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    13. Hello^^

      I've got an Angel Fantasy Gui, named Warren.
    14. Oh, AF Alice is a beautiful sculpt! :D I can't wait to see yours!

      Speaking of, my AF Alice has her wig/face-up/mani/pedi now. She's still waiting on her pants/undies, though. :sweat

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    16. Why did a post about the dolls of AF did not know there was one.

      I have an Autumn, was my first BJD and am delighted with it, I like everything ... Well less than sometimes their ankles bend, but other than that I'm happy with it.

      Here you have a picture of my little:

      Cuando la magia fluye 3 por Drakonita13, en Flickr
    17. Drakonita, your Autumn is lovely! :D

      I've tried both. Both work, but honestly I prefer low-dome because I like to "tilt" my dolls' eyes to the side.
    18. Your dolls are beautiful.
      I'm thinking of making an hybrid with Autumn's head, only thing I really would like to know is if some recently bought doll does or not have an AF logo decal in the back of the head. I personally dont like decals on the outside of the heads (wich seem to be an increasing trend in chinese bjd companies or I just didn't knew they always put those on their dolls :P).
      Any way, I will be very thankful if anyone could tell me about that.