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Angel Fantasy tiny April normal set:a sleeping cute baby

Aug 6, 2008

    1. Informations:
      Hi,I am April.

      I am born on a beautifully days that the spring comes into my hometown,
      so my name is April---

      Will u take me to a happiness home?

      I wish I will be the one--who will make u more happy

      so,please take me ```

      This is the full set part doll.

      Doll price: 200USD

      Include :

      One complete doll -April (gril type) with MAKE UP

      One wig (the one in the picture)

      One lovely rabbit out fit. (the one in the picture)

      Two bags in the box.

      If you just want the doll without Make-up,Eyes and Clothes,the price is 150 USD

      **We need 15~25 days for preparing all the items, and the doll just can ship by EMS. When we send out your order, We’ll send you a E-mail to tell you.**

      [Size Data]

      waist to ankle:9cm

      Please make the order after a careful decision..
      cause the order is impossible to cancel..

      Contact us:
      E-mail address:541843159@qq.com
      Paypal address: 541843159@qq.com
      Feel free to ask..

      Payment method:
      paypal only.. add 4%paypal for credit card user..
      if u have alipay and you can speak chinese ,please
      contact us by:wangwang 七夜月姬