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Angel Fantasy tiny questions! Help?

Mar 3, 2009

    1. Hiya! I looked for this and couldn't find much so.... yeah. I'm ordering an AF Koli and I was just wondering the basic questions:

      1) What clothes will fit and where can I buy them?
      2) What eyes can she wear?
      3) Wig size?

      And tha's it xD sorry if this sounds like such a newb question but I was curious :3 I hope someone can help me, thanks!
    2. My Koli fits some large Barbie stuff. As long as the sleeves are wide enough then. (The hands are pretty wide.)
      She wears 14mm eyes, but I'm sure that 12 or 13 mm might fit too.
      She wears 6,5 wigs. So 6 size might be too tiny and size 7 is a bit too big. Mine wears size 7, just because they were easier to come by.

      This is the main thread for AngelFantasy baby dolls.

      I'm sure you will love your Koli, I adore mine! :D
    3. Uwah! thanks for the info :3 This'll definitely help x3
    4. I use size 14 mm eyes in my AF Ari who is about the same size as Koli.

      For clothes, you need to be careful because they are shorter than Yo-SD and BambiCrony CB's. I actually like using Robert Tonner's 10" Ann Estelle clothes and the shoes fit nicely for me as well.
    5. Oooh! Thanks! Where can I find these Anne Estelle clothes? and will Yo-SD clothes still fit? I don't mind if it's too long since she'll be wearing mostly dresses anyways ^^

    6. Ebay, physical and internet doll shops...doll shows. Yo-SD things will work but might be a bit big is all. Shoes are the same story and would need socks to help with the fit a bit.
    7. Alright :3 Thanks a lot x3
    8. My AF Sheya (same size as Koli) wears mostly YO-SD sized items. And he also wears 14mm eyes. I like dollmini on ebay, her stuff fits the AF dolls really well.
    9. Iris0110: Thanks! This has really helped, thanks everyone x3