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Angel of Dream - 90cm - Ni, Bo & Primo

Oct 16, 2008

    1. Has anyone seen the preview pics of their new dolls? There's a werewolf! (literally, a wolf head)
      I wonder if they'll be willing to sell it separately...
    2. 90cm????my God!
    3. Link to body (NWS)

      I realise theres not an awful lot of information at the moment but I would love to hear the thoughts on others on these new guys :)

      I for one am loving the size :D although I sadly don't think he will fit with my other dolls even as tall as they are (70cm+)

      although I am seriously considering buying one for my sister who insists she only wants one doll (hehe she should leave it up to me to pick :lol:)
    4. It seems to me that AOD are trying to "outdo" or compete with Soom lately, with the new "wolfman" doll and now releasing a size bigger than soom's 80cm which were previously the biggest avaliable right?

      I mean, a 90cm doll would be pretty cool!

      But it seems like AOD are are directly trying to rip of soom lately.
    5. How would you carry one of those beasts around with you X_x and what about people that are shorter then 180cm? That guy is going to be taller then half their height!! I can't wait to see comparison pics between them and owner! XD

      I also wonder how difficult they are going to be to stand :?
    6. For an idea of how ginormous he is, you might want to grab a measuring tape and approximate a 29cm head diameter x_x holy carps.
    7. come to think of it, this is litterally one step away from a full-seize doll. At which point, they're just lovedolls without "parts".

      Aaha.. I guess the forum needs a "giant" size specific board soon?
      I'd like to see one in real life though.
    8. I just converted 90cm to inches.... he is gonna be almost 3 feet tall
    9. Cripes that's big!! I don't even want any dolls over about 65! Jeepers!
    10. Is anyone planning on getting one of these? I wonder if they're going to require a special size wig? I guess unless other companies are going to start releasing dolls in similar sizes it's going to be a pain in the butt to get clothes for them, especially shoes. I know I'll never buy one, that is just ungodly huge for a doll, you'll be working up a sweat just trying to pose this beast!:shudder
    11. Wow, amazing but not for me ._.

      Too big D: He'd be half my size O.o

      I admire the skill to make such a large doll though. And I do hope someone gets one of them so I can see it xD
    12. Dolls like American Girl (yes, you can rewig them) take about an 11 inch wig as well, and Blythe wigs work well for them, and will probably work for the 1/2 dolls. A lot of antique dolls have even bigger heads, so it's probably going to be more outfits and shoes that will end up being a problem.

      Acquire can also do larger wigs as part of their preorders, so you can get all the funky colors :)
    13. Nooo, don't want. He's too big. My Sabik is big enough.

      It will be interesting to see if this 1/2 scale will take off though. I don't think too many doll owners will go for this large scale however. I guess we have to wait and see!
    14. too big for me, the most I'd get is a 70cm doll
    15. :shudder So big... I'm a puny 5 feet tall... he's two feet shorter than me and probably as big as some of my little cousins (big family... My mother is the eldest of six so lots of little cousins around...).

      He's not for me, but I'm interested to see him with next to other people.
    16. It'd be scary to have a doll the size of a 6 year old. D: you go to sleep and it's just staring at you. *shudder* I think the doll competition is getting over board. 90cm is just too huge. I can't even justify 70cm! (I wanted a Dream of Idol but that's just insane ;__; ). Heck could child clothes fit them? LOL. even people shoes! *rolls around* XD
    17. Is there any word yet on how much these are going to cost?

    18. they're going to need a wig size of about 11-12 inches unless I'm mistaken?

      but yeah

      I'm not sure if this guy can or is suposed to compete with Sabik and the other Mecha Angel dolls, yes they are tall but they are still kind of in the 1/3 scale, they can still wear 1/3 scale/70cm shoes, wigs and clothing (with a little luck or lengthening)

      it seems like this guy is gonna be in a league all of his own
    19. Happy House has them listed at $580 ($450 for the body) which doesnt seem too bad to me considering the size :sweat
    20. It's definately suppose to compete. They've made it abundantly clear with their recent releases what their attentions are. They are trying to cash in on the hype Soom has generated with their recently inspired dolls.

      That 90cm body is the second I've seen out of China that smacks so strongly of Dollzone I almost wonder if DZ's manufacturer is taking on new clients.

      All in all I don't really like AoD scuplts. Not my cup of tea.