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Angel of Dream (AOD) 1/4 size discussion thread Part 2

May 15, 2007

    1. General Information for Angel of Dream minis:

      WIG: 7-8
      -most MSD sizes, including Dollzone (tight)

      EYES: 12mm or 14mm (depending on the sculpt)
      -low dome is recommended as some sculpts have shallow eyewells

      CLOTHING: mature MSD sizes
      -Dollzone MSD
      -Luts Kid Delf
      -occasionally 'regular' MSD
      *NOT slim MSD

      SHOES: girl body- 5.8cm boy body- 6cm
      -Bobobie MSD shoes
      -Dale Rae MSD (a very tight fit, no socks)
      *Dollzone shoes MAY fit, the older types may not.

      compiled January 6, 2011
      *If you want anything added or changed, please PM me.
      Mod Note:
      This is now a discussion thread for Angel of Dream (AoD)

      Company Website: http://www.aoddoll.net/

      DoA Wiki: http://www.denofangels.com/doawiki/index.php?title=Angel_of_Dream_Basic_Mini

      Part One:

      Part Two:

      Trouble with face-up at company:

      Body Comparison:
      Dollzone Feilian, Volks Msd Mika, Angel of Dream Chen, Parabox Angela, Dollzone Megi, Bobobie Sprite, and Souldoll Yewon
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    2. Yay new thread~

      I hadn't taken a photo of Robin by himself in a while, so I remedied that tonight :3

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    3. @Cattaya and BlackTulip213

      I am also thinking about buying an AOD Yu Luo, but as you both say, the pictures aren't that reliable, and I also want to see some owner pictures.. Just to be sure that his face isn't the typical long-jaw-one from AOD >-< I did find some owner pictures on Flickr if you want to take a look, and from what I see he seems like a beautiful doll <3 http://www.flickr.com/photos/joyker/sets/72157624108246671/

    4. Kitty Blue> I like the dress, fuzzy stretchy fabric is always fun for costumes. And that one came out very nice! Eager to see what the final dress looks like. ^_^

      PoeticSoul> Since I didn't get to comment on the other thread: LOVE the mods you made to Anna! Did you actually cut part of her head away for the gears? On that note, too, her name is great and so VERY Monster High. XD

      solitary agent> Yay, Robin! He looks rather happy to get his picture taken. ^_^

      And, I wish I had some of my newer pics of Val uploaded, but here's one from a couple months ago, before his current faceup was completed. He was showing off his new shirts and this shot as my favorite for his ruffled one. ^_^

    5. gr8story Successful make up:aheartbea expecting to see his full image.
      Just for spam, I would like to show some pics of my Li Ge, he has got Russain name, but I thing in english it souns like Benjamin :lol:
    6. Picspam yay! here's Tsuki, my Min, going old-school at Anime USA.

    7. Wow, angelynx-prime, your girl looks wonderful with the traditional style.

      What about AoD hybrids? Are they welcome here too? Since there is this boy!Qing on a different company's body living here...
    8. Okay I was here along time ago, but i wanted to post an update my TK (Tao Hoa Dao). It's been 8 months since I've got him and he's still my number one :-3
      First of all, I've never restrung him and he still poses like new! I'm fortunate enough (with all the spills he's taken) to still have all of his fingers X-D Sadly, I cant comment on what clothing lines fit him because I make all of his clothes.
      I those of you waiting for your dolls find this inspiring :-D
    9. Absolutely~ I think the threads are normally oriented more towards the head sculpts than the bodies - people with hybrids more often post them in the company threads for their heads, that is.
    10. One of my girls in here is a hybrid. One of my other dolls stole her body (and is so spoiled she usually gets whatever she wants) and gave her the one that she was using before the theft occurred. So my girl is now on a Nabi Kiss body by Garden of Dolls (the Nabi Kiss body is single jointed, and no longer made), though she still has her original hands. I rather love her new look, too. Hrm...I really should get something made to at least throw on my newest girl, so I can get photos of the two of them to share.
    11. [​IMG]

      I got a new sofa and put together a new "wall" to photograph my boys in front of, and Robin also got new eyes recently. When I was putting them in one of his eyelashes came loose, and as I was trying to reposition it I thought "Hmm...he'd probably look good without them!" so I took them off. :lol: He looks overly serious in this photo though, haha. I think soon I might try to mod him a little...sand down his chin and nose a bit. I'm a little scared though u_u;
    12. Thank you solitary agent and Ayas-Shadow, then I can show a pic of Tizian, my Qing Hybrid Boy ^^ here he is with his friend in the garden ^^


      Also with a DZ Raphael, just like your Robin, solitary agent. By the way, I have read that many doll owners even prefer their boy dolls without eye-lashes, so it probably works just fine ^^
    13. I have 3 AoD boys and 2 have lashes and one doesn't. The one that doesn't is OT for this thread, but when he came to me he had lashes and it just didn't suit him. He looks so much better without them. My other 2 (Chi & Min sculpts), I couldn't imagine them without lashes.
    14. My boy dolls either have, or do not have, the upper eye lashes depending on their characters. If they're meant to be more 'man', not into the metro sexual thing, then they most likely do not have upper lashes. If they're into the metro sexual thing, and all about their appearance, then there's a good chance they WILL have those upper lashes, very rarely would they not. If they are guys who like having the ability to pass as girls from time to time (as one of my boys does) then they have lashes. Sexual orientation plays a role in whether they have lashes or not for me, too. Sort of an 'easy' way for those who know the characters, but not as intimately as I do, to be able to look at a doll, or it's photo, and be able to make a few quick judgments, that will usually be correct.

      Like, my gay boy, who sometimes passes for a girl, has long, extravagant lashes, like my girls do. My ladies man who is all about women, sports, and horror movies doesn't have any upper lashes at all. My bi-sexual boy (who I don't own yet) will have lashes, but they will be much shorter than my gay boy has. My ghost boy who is from the Victorian era (unless I decide to change the era he lived, and died, in) will also have lashes of the shorter variety. My geeky scientist won't have upper lashes at all (unless my hubby wants him to, as it's his character...but that would totally throw my 'which boys have lashes, and which don't thing out the window...even if it only makes sense to me.) My total pretty boy will have decent, thick lashes. If any of that makes sense to anyone other than me.

      The short of it is...lashes on my male dolls are going to be mixed between long, effeminate, short and male, or totally missing, depending on how I see the characters.
    15. My AOD Li Ge finally arrived, and with him was the additional head from the May promo. I absolutely love her, but I don't know who she is. Can anyone identify her?
    16. Carol Hensley: Could your mystery sculpt possibly be an An? The eye shape looks very similar, as well as the width of the nose, and the size of the mouth.

      All your dollies look lovely! I have a fondness of AOD, although I haven't bought one of their dolls... yet. C:<
    17. Carol: Congrats on finally getting your doll!! :D
      I wish I could help with the mystery sculpt, but I'm awful with telling a lot of sculpts. DX
    18. Dollblue, your boys are lovely! I think DZ Raphael is such an underrated sculpt ;A; And my Robin, well, I've NEVER seen another AoD Xun on here! D: I've seen one on DeviantArt, as a girl...

      As for the eyelashes, Robin is technically gay since his lover, Paul, is male, but he never was attracted to men beforehand so he calls himself "Paulsexual" :lol: He's a swordfighter and pretty manly for the most part, so I think the no-lashes look works for him. :3 I'll have to post a close-up once I fix the paint inside his eyes, a little bit chipped off with the eyelashes but it should be an easy fix.
    19. D...forDolls: If you're on the fence about the tan and wondering what the tan looks like next to the NY, here you go!
      Moswen is a tan Chi and Kijika is a NY Adonis (he's also an SD and why he looks larger than Moswen). The tan is very nice (and not as dark as the company shots on the website show it to be). I would say that the way they look in the photo is pretty true to what they look like in reality.

      Moswen's face-up and body work is by Angel Toast and Kijika's face-up is by AmyAngel. I did get both of them with company defaults, but only because I knew it'd be several months before I could get them to the people I wanted to do their face-ups and I didn't want blank dolls in-house at that time.
    20. I got around to modding Robin! Here's a before and after shot - this one's black and white because my shading on the new part of his faceup makes him look a little "muddy" in closeups. I'll probably redo his faceup entirely after things calm down a bit and I have time to practice (I'm moving soon.) He really looks pretty good in person, but a close up photo tends to magnify flaws :sweat Anyway, though it's not perfect, I'm pretty pleased with how I was able to change his face shape. I think he looks more like the character he's supposed to be now.