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Angel of Dream (AoD) - New 1/3 Body Types Discussion!

Jul 6, 2008

    1. Here's a discussion topic for the new AoD - HappyHouse 1/3 body types being released. :)

      The original news topic is HERE and the website for the company is HERE.
    2. I'll start the discussion with my personal opinion of the new body sculpts.

      Seriously beautiful new bodies, in my opinion! The detailing for both the girls AND boys is just beautiful on these new bodies; I'm actually rather impressed with the balance the sculptor's achieved in regards to aesthetics.

      For those who own the old bodies, I'd be interested in a comparison.

      Is it only the sculpting of the body that's changed or has the resin formula changed as well?

      I'm definitely considering a body for one of my current floating heads.
    3. I'm absolutely in love with the new hands, especially for the girls. Those nails are beautiful! I've always been of the opinion that AoD bodies are slightly chunky. But I'm really quite pleased with this new body.

      I'm just curious about whether the resin color has changed or not, with these improvements.
    4. AOD skin colors didn't changed but they changed name of normal color to P-normal and add Y-normal. So if you bought old color in normal that was the same P-normal color.~;)
    5. I'm quite taken with the new body. I remember looking at the old girl body a couple of times, but it never caught my fancy. Now, though, I'm seriously considering an order, even though it wouldn't fit either of the floating heads I've got right now (damned hard making girls out of boy heads, and not ending up with bobble-head dolls :doh) And I don't want to come across as... mercenary, I guess, but those are really nice doll bodies for that price. I'm not in this hobby looking for a bargain, but I can appreciate one when it comes along.
    6. The new bodies are amazing!...but are the feet really 7.5 cm? I have trouble enough trying to find shoes that fit my girl's feet as it is. Also, I kind of like the large bust that the old body has. (I hated it at first, but now, it's grown on me). But, then again, the hands look much more dainty. The old hands are so...manly looking. Another thing that'd really be awesome. Does anyone happen to know if the thigh joints are "smaller" meaning they are flatter rather than poking out as the old body does?

      I told myself I was done with doll buying, but clearly, I want this new body! haha.
    7. I like the new boy body way better. I ordered mine already. Got the pink normal hoping it will be close enough to my DOT T. Lahoo head.
    8. If the feet are the same size they were before, they are a bit on the large side. I actually bought some sandals from them, but the feet the shoes fit were those of my Iplehouse Soori boy!
    9. I received the new boy body last week. I adore it! Nice sculpting and it poses real well.
      To imhitomi: I have a T Lahoo head as well and though I haven't put it on the AOD body, it would be okay. Lahoo's head is alot paler (needs blushing) and a bit large for the body but I don't know of any other doll body (besides DOD of course) that would match perfectly.
    10. I have a quick question for anyone who has the new body: Is it difficult to find clothes for the girls? It seems like the hips are huge to me. I'd really like to order an Qian, but I remember that I had a really hard time with my Soah because her hips were big. I couldn't find many clothes to fit her except the Elfdoll specific clothing. Any feedback would be awesome!
    11. oh really? could you take some pictures?? I have to wait a few more days to pay then I have to wait for him to get here. I'm pretty antsy. ^ ^;

      But does the head go on well or does it need modding?

      woot! Happy House just told me I get free shipping. *puts $30 back into wallet*
    12. Lucky!! I ordered mine on 07-04 and it's still in "pending" status. Do you or does anyone know how long it took to arrive or get a shipping status? Just knowing that I have one coming for me makes me so impatient. :dance
    13. I really like the new girl body. I have been contemplating getting an AOD girl for awhile, and this is making me want one even more.
    14. HappyHouse, I am really loving the new boy body sculpt! Im wondering if the new Y-normal skin color is a match for Volks Normal skin?
    15. HI~
      I think AOD Y-normal skin isn't match Volks well...>"<
    16. Dear happyhouse!

      I totally love the new body!
      So do I understand it right: P- is for normal pink skin while Y- is for normal yellow skin?

      Do you know wcich other companies AOD new body matches well? I'm intrested in normal skin tones!

    17. Hi~

      Yes, P- is for normal pink skin while Y- is for normal and AOD P-normal are matches normal DIM & DZ well,LUST are a little different but ok .~:)
    18. i paid for my body on the 11th and the site says it's not shipping until the 28th. :| Kinda annoying if that is the case. I emailed them about it. It really shouldn't take 17 days to pack and ship a body that's in stock.
    19. Hi~

      Don't worry about it, that was system auto shipping date, your doll will send in 2 weeks~^^
    20. If anyone has questions about their personal order please contact happyhouse through their website or PMs. This thread is for discussing the new doll body only. Thanks. :)