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Angel of Dream dolls

May 7, 2007

    1. There is some discussion about the legitimacy of this company here -- I would strongly suggest doing a bit of research before sending them money (as with any doll company.)

      -- Andi <3
    2. I, too, received my response from Mr. Chang, the marketing manager. Mr. Chang wanted me to let everyone know that if you ever have any question or concern, please send your email directly to him. His email address as Lady Feather had indicated in her post is: top_sincerity2058@yahoo.com.cn
      He is the only one in the office fluent in English, and he takes care of all English correspondences. In his email he acknowledged that in their haste to launch their products to the overseas market, they didn't have time to work on updating the pix and info for their dolls, especially the 1/3 Ming, and they had to use old pix for the auctions. The hind sight is that it would have been better to wait and get everything ready and running in English prior to selling their products on Ebay. He said he'll not put up another item again until everything has been updated. He sent his apologies to everyone for all the concerns and confusions caused, and he said that they are a reputable company and sincerity is their motto, hence their Ebay seller ID: Top Sincerity.
    3. Ladyfeather,

      Thank you so much for your pm. Believe it or not, I don't know how to reply to a pm. This forum thing is all new to me and I'm still learning.
      Mr. Chang's email address is the same that AOD gave you: top_sincerity2058@yahoo.com.cn
    4. I have read the discussion thread, but I would like to know, has it been determined and confirmed with the actual Angel of Dream company:

      Is 'top_sincerity2058' the official Ebay store for Angel of Dream?

      Has Mr. Chang / Zhang been contacted through the actual Angel of Dream site, or only through ebay?
      (because one can claim anything on ebay)

      (edit:venture-1 has been speaking to Mr. Chang/Zhang in Chinese?

      As long as this is in the news section, I would appreciate if the answers to these questions can be confirmed as fact. The discussion has several different situations to follow, and it is confusing as to which responses are fact and which ones are confused Engrish responses.