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Angel of Dream Jurgis - Ad comparison to Soom Io layout

Oct 17, 2008

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=250348

      So...these dolls look really cool. Espeically Jurgis with his wolf head and paws.

      And please don't get me wrong, I'm not accusing them of anything bad here.
      But it's rather obvious that they got the idea from Soom's monthly dolls, especially IO. picture of Jurgis crawling...have you seen the one of Io crawling?

      The format of the ads is almost exactly the same as the one Soom puts out for the MDs. The skin "tribal" style outfits. Io had a spear, Jurgis has a similar knife. Both have armbands and similar tooth necklaces. Io had the lion mask, Jurgis has a wolf head.

      It's not the dolls are similar though. they look nothing alike. It's just obvious that they got the idea from Soom. It's nothing they could really get in trouble for legally though. They just decided to capitalize on Soom's extremely successful idea.

      Also the fact they are also releasing 90cm dolls which would break the record of Soom's 80cm mecha angels...

      What do you think?

      *edit* added some comparison shots of the ads

      Basic format of info. Same.

      pictures of faceup. similar format (4 images, rounded edges) with similar poses.


      standing on a cliff, behind view.

      header, same format. Both say 2008 Limited in the same corner even. The name postition and photo position is the same too.

      The really copied the ad to the T. Even all the rounded edges! Hahaha.
    2. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the pics of the Wolf Man: SOOM IO! Very obvious. I like the doll, but - I just like SOOM's exquisite quality a lot better... *hides in corner*
    3. Ack! I just saw the J.S Head... that REALLY scares me!!! :S *hides in corner once more*
    4. I like the wolfman concept - but they sure picked a bad body for it - camp little wolfboy perhaps, but not wolfMAN - that mooth/skinny little body just doesn't work for a transformation fo that sort.... Not for my money, at any rate.

    5. Uh, yeah... I saw that and it was pretty obvious they ripped it off of Soom.

      I'm sorry, but that "in between transformation" head with the scowl is downright hilarious. I laughed for like 10 minutes when I saw that. :lol:
    6. I don't usually care for girl dolls, or even AOD dolls (not my aesthetic) but I really like Nicole!
    7. I'm normally hard to scare dolly-wise... but this wolf-y doll really is scary! *hides* :(
    8. I like the in-between head. It's cool.

      And...... am I the only one who thinks that Nicole looks just like Angelina Jolie??!!

      Also... anybody else think Jurgis would make a great WereGaruruMon? LOL.
    9. Like transformation?!!! OMG! Hard to believe my eyes! *hide in corner*..........

      The wolf head is soooooo scary for me! T.T
    10. I thought the same thing when I saw her! It's the lips for sure.
    11. comparison photos of the ad have been added! just for some easy clarification for those who haven't seen both ads. ^^
    12. I think the Jolie thing is what they were going for by the looks of it... but I think Nicole looks realy awkward - her lip paint doesn't look as nice as it could (big dark line anyone?).. and her head looks awkward. But that might be all the bloom on the image. lol.

      Also, LOL wolfman's angry face. Loving the concept, but it's not quite right is it?
    13. Looks more like a constipation face. XD "I NEED TO POOOOOO!!!"
    14. I'm... kind of proud that one of the "cheap" Chinese companies - AoD, Bobobie, FDoll, etc.- has taken the initiative to put out a fullset. I always hoped they'd do that. Nicole is a pretty good idea - although the actual doll isn't my cup of tea (and the giant black line on her lips is scaring me), we do need more androgynous girls.

      As soon as Jurgis loaded, though... the Io resemblance seemed like it could be a (very big) coincidence until those crawling pics. The "snarling" face is a cool idea (although, from some angles it's more of an indigestion face >.> ...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm a terrible person! ;-; ) But... I mean, it wouldn't have been that hard to do something a little more original. This makes me somewhat less likely to buy something from AoD if I liked one of their dolls in the future (even those craaazy 90cms X3 wonder what they'll do with those?) I'm somewhat overprotective of Soom, though... their early monthly dolls where what made me fall in love with BJDs and it even irritates me whenever people won't stop complaining about the long wait for the new monthlies (even though it's a fairly reasonable thing to do when your $1200 doll is taking half a year to arrive X3)

      Did anyone else notice his body looks really awkward in the light blue pic where he's walking by a tree? o.o

    15. Nod, idea is really great, but... just don't like the wolfhead. I like wolfman indeed, but this would bring nightmare for me.*_*
    16. hmmmm, i don't know what to think. it might be fun to get just the snarling head to play around with, i like the teeth. sorry AOD but it does seem like the poor man's IO.
      that's o.k. tough, there's always someone who will want this.
      i personally have 2 AOD dolls, and they totally stand up to my other dolls.
    17. Yup, definitely aiming to give Soom a run for their money, but I don't think Soom have much to worry about with this one. However, good for them for going one step further than Soom did and actually produce an animal optional head, rather than a hat. And the paws. Bravo! Let's see if it gives Soom any reciprocal ideas!
    18. I agree. They had a good idea with the head and paws, but they were not well executed. A lot of people (including myself) had hoped Io would come with paws. AOD took advantage of that and did it themselves. Just wishe they could have made him more original.
    19. I'd love to buy the paws and hand parts for my other doll, too bad they're only on this limited set. ;)
    20. Lol, totally. >_> Man, I haven't watched Digimon in forever