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Angel of Dream - National Day Event Sept 29th-Oct 31st

Oct 1, 2009

    1. I just noticed this on the AoD Website, so I figured I'd post it.

    2. Is this with any order, or only with a full doll? Thanks!
    3. Yea, AOD has just confirmed that on their message boards. An order must include a full doll in order to get a free head.
      :doh Right after I received shipping notice of the doll I ordered a month ago, too.
    4. Any full doll = free doll head and wig/shoes? Like if you get a mini you could ask for a 70cm doll head? O_o
    5. I would assume it is like their last free head events, that the head will be the same size as the doll you order (so order a Chi and get a Qing head, order an Ai-Ai and get a Le-Le head). Assuming it is the same, you would also be able to chose the sculpt and skin colour of the free head (I ordered a N-Y Ai-Ai and asked for a WS Wan-Wan, and that is what I got)
    6. Makes sense, do they allow you to ask for faceups with the free head?
    7. I don't know about faceups, but I believe you can request which shoes/wig you would like. :D