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Angel of Dream official thread.

Sep 12, 2007

    1. Dear customers,

      Thank you all for your support to Angel of dream.We are happy to meet BJD fans from all over the world.We hope we can provide all of you the best service and top products.All the efforts we have made is just for a better service.Since we know there have been issues with our agents,so we want to avoid things like this happening again.We will solve every single problem that had happened or going to happen.
      Besides,our international website www.aoddoll.net is ready to take orders.You may also visit our Authorized Dealers store in USA which you can find on our website.
      We are also going to answer all the problems and issues for each purchase of Angel of dream in this thread.If you do have questions,please follow here or email us.

      Thank you all.:)

      Angel of dream team.
    2. Where have all our complaints disappeared to?:(

      Alan has requested that we post here if we have any problems/enquiries concerning AoD - please, if this is the wrong place for this thread can it be moved to the appropriate area of the forum so we can ask the questions that we want answered?
    3. my guess is this needs to be moved from News to General Discussion
    4. This thread WAS IN General Discussion earlier today, when I tried posting TWICE. The first time, it was actually removed while I was editing it, to add something. (And of course, nobody ever tells you anything).

      I've been out for an hour or so, and I see the re-post is also gone, and this thread has been MOVED TO News.

      Well, someone better have the thread starter remove the: "We are also going to answer all the problems and issues for each purchase of Angel of dream in this thread." from the first post, don't ya think?
    5. Um yes, how else are they suppose to answer our questions if our questions aren't here for them to answer?
    6. Should it maybe be in the buying/shipping advice threads, if it's talking about customer service?
    7. Alan, if you requested that our previous posts be deleted can you at least tell us why?
      You state that you want us to ask questions here so i will post mine again...

      Do you intend to improve your customer service by actually shipping out the dolls within a reasonable time period and answering customer emails within 48 hours? You have had a terrible track record of very long waiting periods for dolls being shipped out, running into months and months, bad packaging methods and lack of communication between yourself and your customers.

      The one reliable agent for AOD dolls was Jack and now he has gone - i have had many transactions through Jack for my AOD dolls and he never let me down once, always shipping within a few days and answering all my emails promptly.

      I want to buy 3 more AoD dolls but until your business practices improve i shall either find another way to buy the dolls or not bother at all.

      Changing your bloody eBay ID is NOT the answer - good customer service is. We will all know who you are even if you change your eBay ID because as soon as we have to wait for months for our poorly packaged dolls to arrive and all our emails go unanswered we will know it's you! We are not stupid.
    8. Mamehisa, I totlly understand your frustration, but my guess is Alan had nothing to do with deleting the posts. I've seen lots of posts lately go "missing" in this section so I suspect the mods are deleting anything that qualifies as "chat" without explanation to either the person who posted or to the thread. Just poof! gone.....
    9. Hi Mhdolls :)
      Yes, i did notice this so i am hoping that a Mod will move this thread to another area where we can respond to Alans invitation to ask him questions and make enquiries about AoD dolls.
      I don't want to rock the boat but i do want to hear what Alan has to say
    10. Oh REALLY?
      I seek an explanation to where my Order No# 86 from Jun. 24, 2007 went to. All I ordered was eyes. Nothing else.. Where are they? I couldn't tell you since the last e-mail I received from AoD was Aug. 10th. Got any answers for that? Yes, I -AM- rather peeved, apparently been scammed again. >=/

      Take CAUTION, my previous transaction w/ AoD came at a loss of $77: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159717
    11. I double-checked the section it was in after my first post disappeared while I ws editing it earlier today, and this clearly was in General Discussion.

      Even if there might be plans to have a Manufacturer's Contact section eventually, why in the interim remove posts and move this to News?

      And my first post was a re-request for alternatives to the fist-and-pointy-finger right hand and pointy-finger left hand of the 1/3 boys!
    12. hobbywhelmed, I've had other kinds of posts disappear lately too without explanation. Not sure why, but I think there may be system glitches or something. Usually the postsof mine that have disappeared are the most benign so I don't think it's anyting I'm writing that is causing them to be wiped out. When that happens, I just try again later and hope for the best.

      A manufacturers section would be a fantastic idea. As it is now, sometimes those types odf threads are in general, shipping, or even size-specific. One place for all would be great to make them easier to find and also for the reps to find them to answer.
    13. Just to clarify, posts that are not actual News posts will inevitably disappear because they do not belong in News. The moderating team does not PM a member when chat posts are removed.

      As this thread doesn't seem to actually be for News, I'm going to move it to Buying/ Shipping, which seems the most appropriate. Thank you!
    14. Thank you for moving the thread Junkets:) Hope 'Bing' is doing well......no, i don't know what he is!
    15. Not a problem. In future, across the board, if you see a thread moved and don't think it got moved appropriately, feel free to PM a mod and let them know. We're all pretty busy, and sometimes something will get moved because we missed a section.

      Hahah, and he's doing fantastically. If only he wasn't OT so I could glamorize him here. ;)
    16. So now I post again...

      I am concerned because a shipment of dolls that was to be presented at the Resin Con Doll Show this past weekend NEVER ARRIVED. I have not heard from the dealer that was suppose to ship them to me. Last I heard AoD had shipped the dolls to them, but they never passed them along to me. Please, can you address this issue? Where did the dolls go? Did they never get shipped? There were several disappointed people at the Doll Show. Many came with the intention of purchasing AoD dolls that were not there.
    17. thanks Junkets. I guess when those first non-news posts in threads get posted maybe rather than automatically deleting the posts the entire thread could be evaluated to see if maybe the problem is the op started it in the wrong plce? Yes, I know we can all pm a mod and ask for something to be moved, but I don't feel right doing that with someone else's thread
    18. Grrr- except this WASN'T a news thread when I first posted. It was apparently started in and was sitting in General! Perhaps whoever deleted my post did it because he/she was moving the thread to News, not having read AOD's first post, or not having read it all the way through.
    19. Speaking for myself, if I buy another AoD doll--and I do like the sculpts, it will only be through a US dealer I have used before, or Jack. I found Jack's service flawless and prompt.
    20. I just noticed today that Jack was gone from ebay. Where did he go? He was the best. Very reliable.