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Update Angel of Dream - Price Reduction

Apr 1, 2009

    1. You know...you thought AoD couldn't get any cheaper? It just did. I was just browsing on AoD and happen to...find out there was an update today! Below is the quote and link to the news post.

      It seems the 1/4 went down $30 and I'm not sure of others. I only remember 1/4 prices because I'm interested in one of them. :'3

    2. Most of the MSD went down. Only Chen and Qing still remain the same if you check. AOD might change it or not for those two unless there was some sort of mistake that they forgot or it's on purpose.

      SD seem to have went down as well since there's one at 330, Ruo Feng, and the rest are 265. (Don't quote me on that one since I don't look at SD. :sweat ) Tines have not changed they're still 120 from the last time I checked a couple months prior and now. I'll ask AOD if they're going to do a price adjustments on those guys and also on the 1/2.
    3. I've check with AOD and as far as I take it they'll adjust the prices of the two MSD and the SD, and checking now they've fixed their mistake and adjusted the prices.

      As for the 1/2 and 1/6, the prices will remain the same. The price adjustments was for SD and MSD only.

      Source: http://aoddoll.net/mininei.asp?id=675
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