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Update Angel of Dreams BIG UPDATE

Jun 25, 2008

    1. I don't know if anyone has noticed, because I haven't seen much buzz around the news section, but AOD has done some really big re-vamps. The site is completely re-done and easier to use. I see new dolls and outfits as well as wigs. They've updated to giving glass eyes to their dolls instead of acrylic when you order! They've just increased the quality of their service, check it out!

    2. Yes - We are still in the process of updating our new site! We wanted to get better pictures of our line as well as a nicer website!

      Thanks for posting this I wanted to wait until more was updated before I posted but thanks for doing this earlier! We are also in the process of adding more stuff still.

      AOD has also bought new shipper boxes that are thicker to prevent dents during shipping! The new boxes are better and I received an order and the boxes did not dent this time. :)

      We also have other dolls in process and several new projects! Keep your eyes opened! :)