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Angel Region Fair line:

Jan 25, 2007

    1. Well the very first doll i fell in love with was an Angel Region Fair Nell. But i never ever see her for sale anywhere!

      I've never seen her pre-loved and i've only seen like 1 or 2 owners.

      So i just wanted to talk about the fair line. I dont see many fair line owners so i really dont know much about them, but i love Nell and she's definatly like my dream doll. i dont know what i'd do with myself if i ever found her for sale!

      So discuss! I'd love to hear about Nell specifically but i'm open to hear about all fairs!
    2. no one has any comments?
    3. I have a Nik who I absolutely adore. He's a bit smaller than my other SDs -- he's shorter and more slender -- and he can be pretty moody so he doesn't hang out with the others much. I think he likes it that way but sometimes he can look so lonely! :( I'm trying to find someone for his girlfriend, but since he's smaller it's hard to find a smaller girl who would look good with him.

      Uh, yeah, so those are my comments on Fairs! My sister has a Diana who is the most outgoing of all our SDs I'd say but it's almost impossible to get her to stand.

      I think Nell is a gorgeous choice and you should definitely buy one if you get the chance. I love AR dolls! :)
    4. I have a Fair Allern. I love him to bits, he's so cute and pouty <3

      As Mawata said, the AR Boys are smaller than other SD boys, so they can wear girl's clothing and smaller shoes. It's actually pretty nice <3

      My only complaint is it that I have some problems with his limbs...his one leg is a bit wonky, but that doesn't make him any less loveable, and I guess it's just my baby who has a few problems. o_O
    5. I have Diana, and I *love* her! I'll agree with Mawata that getting her to stand is a chore, but she's so beautiful to me it makes up for that-

      I think if you're really in love with Nell you should get her, you'll learn to work with her :)
    6. http://angelsupply.co.kr/eshop/display/home.php?mode=subdetail&num=545

      There she is on the web site. :)
      I don't know a lot about the Fair girls but the Fair boys pose really well and mine at least stand great. I've noticed if they arn't strung perfectly then they can be a bit odd, but after you've got the tension right they're wonderful. *has two Fair(only one has an AR head though) and two Little fair*

      Edit: I just saw on the site they're out of stock... I doubt she's no longer sold. You can probably ask on the Q&A board when she'll be back in stock.
    7. I will definatly jump on her if i ever find her!! :D I have to have her...she was my first love...and i'm sure even if now i have doubts that i will love her when shes in my hands...the same way i absolutly love my Kishi.

      Allern is very pretty! i like him too! Maybe your stringing on your boy is wonky? or maybe a little sanding would help him out?

      Thats kind of a shame that its hard to get them to stand...but frankly if i can put up with Ringo, i'm sure i can handle her. ^_~ I think i'll just wire their legs for photoshoots that require it and just leave it at that. :D

      I know shes on the site, but shes been sold out for a very long time. itd be sad if she is sold out...because i've never seen one on the second hand market. :(

      i'll just have to save up some cash on the side and go on the ultimate hunt for her. :)

    8. bump again for my curiosity! :P I'm a curious begger i know! :D
    9. I have a Diana. Yeah, getting her to stand/pose nicely is almost impossible, but she's so beautiful, I don't mind. :)
      I totally recommend AR dolls. The company is so nice and the dolls are all beautiful even if they don't pose well.

      Good luck on your Nell.
    10. Well my Kishi is a mini fair, so i know about their quality and beauty...i just see far less Fair lines then the mini's! I'm willing to take the challenge on getting her to pose and stand. :)

      But first to find her.
    11. Despite their body flaws (which I believe AR are working on right now, which is why they're listed as out of stock) I love the Fairs. They're such cute little things. We have a Nik and an NT Kai here, and they can be a huge pain to pose, but after hot glue sueding them, they pose much better. :) Wiring did okay, but not nearly as nice as the sueding. I love their tiny size, despite it being ridiculously hard to clothe them. I don't think you should have as much problem with a girl, but finding tiny boy clothes (that're actually boyish ) isn't very easy. XD
    12. ah thanks for that heads up! :D now i guess i can either try hunting one down...or wait till they make the new body? i hope they dont change her though...i love that face! :(
    13. has there been any news about these new sculpts? i went to their site but didnt see anything, so i was wondering where people were getting their information from?
    14. Most information has come from the Q&A boards. Basically AR randomly decides to tell information to anyone who asks about the bodies. So sometimes they've said details, others planned release dates, ect...
    15. ah awesome! I usually dont lurk about the Q&A boards so thats probably why i havent noticed anything. :P Guess i should. i'm curious now. :)
    16. hey i figured i would resurect this old thread. i know there are Fair's out there.... but i never see their owners posting them or spamming! so come on and spam!!!

      I actually since i posted this thread (years ago. O.O!) did find my dream girl! its been a long process but shes finally becomeing my dream doll.

      So here's Nelli

    17. Is she a newer doll? How is her posing? She's lovely!
      I'm longing for an Aida, someday...
    18. nope. this the old/original Fair Nell. she just has a faceup by yammatestura
    19. Kittywolf13, your girl is so lovely, I love Nell too <3 . Here is my girl, a Fair Elly. She was my first doll and still my favorite:
      Although she is a really gorgeous sculpt, seems that she is the most unpopular of the Fair girls, I barely have seen her 3 or 4 times in all the years I´ve been on DoA.

      Fair dolls are quite unpopular in general, I think it´s due to their bodies, these are very slender and young looking, and their range of posing is limited. It´s a shame that Angel Region has never made anything to improve them, or even make more optinal hand besides fists, or high heel feet.

      I like her body anyway, but I´m seriously considering on buying her a more mature body, in that case I´ll probably keep her original body for other head.
    20. How big are the Angel Region Fair dolls? I like Kai, but I can't tell how tall he is or any other measurements. Thanks