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Angel Region Gienie dolls

Oct 8, 2006

    1. I got a notice this morning that the US Angel Region webpage had updated with 7 new dolls in the Gienie line, but I can't for the life of me tell if any of them other than Ren is actually new!

      The original versions of Edward and Lilica are still there, but most of the "new" heads look to be variations of those two...I'm guessing all the sleep ones are still the Edward mould, since they all say "head mould #2". The two new "animal" ones (hamster and bunny) both look like Lilica, even though hamster says "head 2" and bunny says "head 1". The only difference I can see is the makeup. Ren is obviously a new mould, kind of gothy looking the way they have him painted.

      I'm tempted to get Ren, but would like to see more pics of him.
    2. Do you have a link to the new dolls?



    3. Hmm - I always thought if they did a Lilica who smiled a little bit more, then she would end up on my list - AR seems to come up with two I wouldn't mind putting on my wishlist: Mr Hamster (though that might become a Miss) and Mini Ren who bears a strong resemblance to my big Vamp even down to the way the eyelashes are painted.
    4. I like Mr Hamster /I think the eyes are slightly smaller that the orriginal
      would have to be Miss ....(got no bits LOL)
      AND I LOVE the waiting for winter

      and I honesty dont know what to make of Ren
      I think I would have to see owner pictures
    5. I think the Mr Hamster's smile could be a trick of photography too when I study clochette's Fee.

      And I have a feeling Ren may be a face only a mother can love - and she seems to strike some cord in my heart like my vamp...
    6. Yeah, I held Fee up to the monitor...I really think both "animals" are the Lilica sculpt, just with different makeup schemes---the face shape/eye placement/features are the same. Of the two, though, I think the makeup is better on Hamster.

      Ren looks whiter to me, but it may just be the makeup tricking me. I'd like to see more pics, that would show the overall skintone. It's an interesting look for a tiny, that's for sure.
    7. And I have a feeling Ren may be a face only a mother can love - and she seems to strike some cord in my heart like my vamp...[/quote]

      THAT killed me LOL,

      I did think it
      I do like the unusual ..but there is something out of proportion about him

      I think they need some different promo pictures , they are not complimentary at all
    8. I also really Mr. Hamster. I like that his eyes are smaller than Lillica's. ^_^ I think I will add him to my list! Although, he will probably remain a "he" in spirit. Most of my genderless angels to be are still looking like they will be boys. I just already have so many girl dolls, that boys are still refreshing.

    9. I don't see the size difference...I really think it's a trick of the makeup. Lilicas have a dark upper eye edge/lashline that Hamster doesn't seem to have. Fee still has her default eyes in, and the eye edges hit the same place on both dolls.

      Hamster compared to Fee
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      The new little one has nice makeup, though :)