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angel region has option hands for sale!

Oct 5, 2005

    1. angelregion has optional hands for sale, but only on the korean site. i've emailed them to see if i can order some anyway.

      they come in fair and little fair sizes, a variety of skin tones. and 4 different styles, rock, pointing, fingers separated, and prayer


      i'm not totally sure about how much they will cost in USD.

      once i get a reply from my email, i'll post it.
    2. oh good! I can get tanned replacemen/extra hands ^_^
    3. I guess it will fit Tiny Fairies? =D
    4. Yaaay! I hope they let us order em! Wanna do a group order if they do...?
    5. yeeeeeeeeei~ my boys can finally have different hands!!! XD
      I believe they will sell them at the international site too...
    6. Aw man, finally!
      One of the biggest reasons I never went for an AngelReigon doll was those hands, but now ~~ *starts counting days 'till the next UFK order*
    7. Oooh, this is very nice! I wonder how they'd work on BlueFairy dolls because the bodies and stuff are essentially the same? XD
    8. Yay! I hope they'll be on the International site soon!
    9. T.T mostly all little fair hands.. : kaww :: :cry:
    10. that's interesting..i remember on the site ...it mentioned the body colour was to volks SD body... i can't find the information anymore... :: while i procrastinate here.. ii'll backtrack to see if was anyone who asked about it... because i can't seem to remember... ::

      if anyone could quicken my process though..i'll be waiting on the other end..madly waiting for each page to load.
    11. They should definitley fit onto a Blue Fairy body, which makes me squee in happiness! the only concern might be that the reson may not match exactly.. though if I remeber correctly, someone did post comparison pics of BF and the new AR resin and it matched pretty well? I'll see if I can dig up that thread, or if anyone knows who posted that (or has one of each already and can fill us in!) that would be awesome! X3
    12. Leigh, i've got a BF boy turning up on monday and Soutarou is the new AR Resin.
      So if you cant find the thread by then, let me know and i'll take the comparison pic
      Heck i'll throw in Takeya for that volks pureskin comparison too ^^
    13. Aaah! **atacks AR website** I must have some! And they even have tanning skin ones! :D
    14. actually i think you can get any hand style in either size and any color, by using those dropdown menus.

      if you, or someone else, were to do a group order, i'd gladly participate.

      my question is, what about male and female hands?
    15. The tanning skin hands they picture look suspiciously orange though, at least on my monitor. And it looks like they have a note that the colors may differ from batch to batch. I'd love some extra hands, but it'll be a bit useless if the resin is noticeably different.

      And wow, desdisques, I can't believe you found them! I've had no luck poking about the AR Korea site in search. I still can't find them without your link. :?
    16. well, i think they just wan't to warn people, but i'm sure they try their hardest to match the resin tones as close as the can. i mean, if other companies can do it sucessfully, why can't angelregion? they don't have a bad rep for mismatched batches like luts either.

      i actually just stumbled by them on the angelregion korean site, not even looking for them.
    17. Of course, I'm sure it'll work out. I'm just really shocked by how orange they look on the hand example compared to the shots of the NT dolls. o__O

      XD It figures that you only find them when you're not looking for it.