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Angel Region Kai

Feb 9, 2006

    1. I have AR LF Ren and was wondering about Kai. How do you feel about the AR fair dolls?
    2. My sister owned a Kai, briefly. The resin is just as nice as the LF's, though proportionately speaking Kai seemed quite lightweight (but then, I'm used to pretty heavy dolls). The sculpting is very nice. AR boys are really small though . . . its just like an AR girl body, but without hips and a chest! And AR girls are on the petite side, at that. So, Kai looked rather young by our other full size boys. And it was inconvenient that he couldn't even fit most of our SD10/13 girl size clothes, they were all too big on him. ^^; Finding pants was hard!

      But if the size and clothing issue doesn't bother you, then Kai is a lovely doll. :) He has a very distinct and personable sculpt, IMHO.
    3. I have an AR Kai, and I adore him. He has a wonderful head mold-- his face is to die for! He IS tiny, though, standing very short next to my Hound, Lune, and Soo Ri. I'll give you the complaints, but overall he is wonderful! I don't much like his chest, though, as it sticks out a bit like a girls, his knees aren't great, and his hands and feet are TINY. The hands also come with fingers glued together, but you're probably familiar with this from your AR LF. Most of the complaints I have, in fact, you're probably already aware of through your doll, and if they don't bother you on a smaller doll, they probably won't bother you on a Fair.

      Here are some pictures of him alongside a (in this order from left to right): Dollshe Hound, SoulDoll Lune, CP El, (AR NT Kai), and DoD TToo.



      Sorry fot the EXTREMELY obnoxious silver background ><

      If there are any other pictures of the body I can take I'd be happy to-- but I think Kai is a wonderful choice!
    4. [​IMG]

      Shameless plug for the Kai mold (^_^)

      My only problem is that I wish he were just that little bit taller - so that he'd be the same height as the Delfs.... other than that, very cute. :) They stand well without sueding - at least mine do, so I'm not sure if it's just been me being lucky or what. And you can change his entire outlook depending on how you have his eyes/hair --> he can look evil, or at least like he's contemplating it!

    5. I don't own one, but I've played with Lyra's Kai, and I think he's pretty nifty. I've seen him & AR Ren on seperate occasions, but they really do look like Kai is a grown-up Ren, or they could be siblings or something.
    6. Thanks juubei! ^^
      I've looked at Kai for some time. He's really a great looking guy and I loved the tan when he came out. ^^ I should have gotten him then, but I waited... AR has some of the nicest faceups I've seen.

      kisaki_kun, I love your boys! ^^ They are gorgeous. You got a 3rd Kai? He's the one I'm thinking about.....

      Dolly, and *meep, thanks.^^ I think I like the idea that he's not the same size as the Volks, CustomHouse, and SoulDoll boys. And I like the way the AR LFs can stand by themselves.
    7. As a long term Kai owner, all I can say is I love mine to pieces. I have a 1st issue and never had the desire to change anything about him.

      He's quite cute and does look like an evil bishie sometimes. So long as the size/clothes issue does not bug you (I make my bjd clothes, so I don't care!) I highly recommend. It's nice to see more of Kai's relatives out there now. If money was no object I'd buy another of every issue AR comes out with....

      As to the size issue, it's a drat when you spy something for SD13 boys that you'd love to see him in but you know it won't fit, but since there's more stuff out there than my bjd budget will afford that's okay, it's just saving me money...

      Most SD10 girl shoes w/out heels fit rather nicely, and since a lot of the goth stuff is rather unisex, that works. Luts boy shoes are workable with thick socks! Poshdolls wigs seem to work well. As do most Monique/Kemper wigs in a 8-9 size rather than the 9 or 10".


    8. I have a "3th Kai", and his Crystal Rose resin is very only slightly paler than my DoDs, but that might be rather pale next to a normal LF Ren. He's got quite and expansive forehead, and his smirk can vary from downright evil to even a goofy grin, at least in my Damien's case. The hands are a bit of a downer, but I'm very pleased with his size despite clothing issues, it makes him bigger without seeming like a giant next to the minis! I think if you like the Ren sculpt, you'll like Kai very much. ^^