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Angel Region- Neo-Angel Kit I (19.March)

Mar 19, 2009

    1. Angel Region is releasing limited doll kits!

      "Neo-Angel Kit I (19.March)

      l Limited Quantity / preferential manufacture / After order

      l Fresh Kit (Start to manufacturing from 19th March 2009)

      l Shipping forward after order settlement confirmation within 1-5 days.

      Neo-Angel Kit is Doll parts, tension string, s-hook and the commodity which composed by assembly instructions etc. so as to be able to assemble the doll that owner is direct. Sending is possible after order settlement for prompt deliveries within 1-5 days an order period, for some time as a commodity is prepared. Prepared the first Neo-Angel Kit Acrylic Eyes in particular (16mm) is composed in this time of random. As we are prepared a small quantity only, you should hurry to children limited.

      * Including:

      + Doll parts
      + Elastic cord(4mm)& S-hook
      + Neo-Angel Kit Assembly Guide & Owner*s Guide
      + Neo-Angelregion ID Card
      + Certificate of Authenticity

      + Acrylic Eyes(16mm/random)

      *** Face up is option

      * Doll Type Option:

      1. Little Fair Ren Boy
      2. Little Fair Ren Girl
      3. Little Fair Cien Boy
      4. Little Fair Cien Girl

      * Face Up Option : $50 USD( including the Face Cover & Eyelashes )

      * Skin Type: normal

      * Period: From 19th. March 2009 til quantity completed

      *** It takes additionally a week in case of Face up orders added.

      **** It can be more delayed than delivery work informed about in case of other commodities and orders."

      You can see them here: