Angel Region Standards - Warrick & Aida

Apr 14, 2006

    1. Ooh, I'm glad to see another picture of Warrick out of the Chinese garb.
      Lovely. :3
    2. I can't look away from his lips. xD
    3. So he's definately the same Warrick as the limited edition one?

      I thought he was ^.^ I love those pouty lips.
    4. Is it just the face up, or does Aida's lips look bigger than Warricks? They look pretty much like the same head,
    5. Same head with different face up :)
    6. Warrick reminds me of an artist made head called Boris O_O;
      And yeah his lips are kinda hard to miss arent they? @[email protected]
    7. Warrick was gonna be my next doll, with a girl body, so I was really pleased to hear they were releasing a girl version but I think she's really ugly. The lips look much bigger than Warrick's and the faceup is really pale and girly....I've noticed that the Warrick head is available separately on the Japanese AR site, but I've enquired of AR and they say it's not available??? I'd be quite happy to buy a girl doll and put the original Warrick head on it, but it just doesn't look possible. Any suggestions?
    8. I'm pretty sure it's the same head on Warrick and Aida, just painted differently.

      So maybe if you asked them to paint the girl head like the boy?


    9. Thanks Dottie...that might work, after all, their motto is "As you wish". I'm just paranoid that she won't be exactly the doll I have in mind...she looks so different! And buying a doll is such a big thing, I'd hate to be disappointed.
    10. Well, not only can a faceup change a doll a lot but so can pictures! See if when they put them up with hopefully some more pics it helps you see them a bit better?

      I'm getting their Warrick+Aida package from their Anniversary Sale so I'll have both of them ;) If they get here before you order then I can take side by side pics of them if you'd like?

      I intend to change their their faceups a little when I get them so if you want me to I'll have to take pics first ;P

      Hope you can get the doll you want! <3

    11. That would be amazing, thanks Dottie. Owner pics are always better, I think. Thanks again. I am soooo jealous....I missed the anniversary thing because I just ordered a Happydoll Dorothy and promised myself *no more dolls*....but we all know how long that lasts!
    12. Haha, yeah 'no more dolls' lasts about 10 seconds ;)

      I said "okay, 5 dolls, that's it" then I progressed to "6 dolls, no more!"

      And now it's like "7 dolls, now I'm done!" XD

      But I'll be sure to take some pics for you when they finally get here and send you a link! ;) AR SAYS before the end of April they'll be shipped >.>;

      ...I hope that's right u.u

    13. Oh, cool, other Warricks to keep mine company! Akuma feels lonely...
    14. lol-
      I love that Boris head. Which may explain my love of the Warrick/Aida mold.
    15. Does anyone know if you will be able to/can buy them now that the Anniversary sale is over? I'm finding my self falling more and more in love with Warrick.