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Angel Region UFK and Head Parts pre-order

Jan 11, 2005

    1. I don't think this has been reported on yet...

      But AngelRegion's English site is doing a limited-time pre-order of their Little Fair heads (Dana, Bada, Cien, Ren, Ami) and their Unfinished Kits. The cost is $125 for a head (including shipping) and $225 for an unfinished kit (including shipping).

      The order period is from 1/11 to 1/21, and projected shipping dates are 02/11 to 02/20.

      Angel Region is also looking for overseas distributors and re-sellers. Detailed info is on their Notice board on their website.

    2. :o
      Thank you for posting this! :D
    3. Ohhhh If I had the money I'd buy a Cien or another ren head. *whistles*
    4. *ahem*
      I thought I'd ask here, though maybe I should be asking in the general section, but do the kits come with eyes? I mean, they don't list hands, but I would assume that kits would include the hands, so I thought that they might include eyes as well. Thanks!
    5. I swear, Cien is TAUNTING me. AHHH I could buy him NOW. (If I could find all my money O__o;)
    6. I'd love a Ren to go with the Cien I have on order.
      Sigh....might have to sell a kidney or something quick!
    7. likeomfgYAY! :D
    8. I ordered my cien right away. just for anyone who wonders, the checkout process will add the default shipping charge, but you only need to send the 225 (since it includes shipping). happiness!
    9. ROOOOOX!!! *___*
      ... but I noticed it already... they did add it a day after we asked to know when they were going to sell it...
      If I had money I'd buy cien or ren head for my sister o.o
    10. I'm trying to get the money for a cien head >.<~

      i need a cien girl T.T
    11. Thanks so much for the heads up! Only $225 for a kit? Wow, that's a great price, MSD kits are about $350 shipped. I've been thinking of getting a mini size boy for quite awhile now, I may just have to buy a Ren now. :daisy

      Does anyone know how "unfinished" these kits are though? As in, are they an assembled body with a blank separate head, or are they like MSD kits where you have to glue on the ball joints and everything?
    12. as far as i know, they are parts that you have to put together. i didnt know you glued on the joints, i guess i have a lot to learn.
    13. That is a _really_ good price for a doll...

      (I wish DoD would do this! *laughs*)
    14. it's a good price, but once you add the cost of a wig and eyes it doesn't sound quite as amazing (but still a good deal, esp. since that includes shipping.) I'm having trouble finding pics of most of their dolls, though. I'm so deficient -_-;;; *back to poking around the site* (ooh, they're under "sold out"; knew they were hiding somewhere!)
    15. Thanks, starfaerie! Better dig out my stringing supplies if I get one of these guys, then.

      I'm kind of glad they don't come with a wig or eyes though, since I usually don't like the defaults anyway, lol.
    16. Do you know if you actually have to have a physical store to be a partner, or can you do things via internet? Because of the english I can't really make it out too well :( I am interested in being a reseller for America ^__^
    17. Is the head used for all the versions of Dana the same head?
    18. I wish they'd release their larger dolls in kits. *wishes for an Elly kit*

    19. Agreed on that one. But I'd doubt they'd be that cheap.

    20. oh, i know. I'd say i'd pay $350-$450 for an Elly kit, assuming it had no eyes, wig, or clothes with it. She's pretty.