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Angel Region Xmas Set-4 Naripons+2 Gienie+more!

Dec 8, 2005

    1. 0.0 Six dolls in one set? Wow!
    2. Holy shit!!!! I wish I had $1500!!!
    3. Lets do the BASIC math here (based on estimates)
      $1500 for the set...
      8 baby suits worth apprx. $10 a piece ($80)
      Elf outfit (assuming its one of the more complicated outfits) - $30
      White dress - $20
      2 other outfits $25 a piece ($50)
      4 Nari-pon wigs - $10 each? ($40)
      6 Gienie mohair wigs - $30 each? ($180)
      3 Gienie wigs - $20 each? ($60)
      1 rocking horse - $10
      1 xmas tree - $5
      Bonuses: $475-ish
      1500 - 475 = $1025
      1025/6 = $171

      Thats like... $171 a doll... NOT BAD!!!
    4. Holy crapoly! I wish I would find a package like that under my tree! I'd throw a tiny party for all the tinies.

    5. Aw, that's really sweet.
      I wonder if anyone here is going to do a group order, because what are you going to do with six dolls?!
    6. LOL be a greedy piggy!

    7. o.o' 6 at once? Can I find it wierd?
      'cause... it'd be... to many... and... I dunno o.o''''''''
      Normally you... get just one and... uh...

      still ^^' it is a very cute ideaaaa!
      But I thiink I'd give one to each friend of mine *__*
    8. Well with a group order like this... it would be so hard to split up the items... @_@
    9. LOL...i'd be so "mine, mine"......heck, they're small, I could find somewhere to put 'em<G>

      It's a great bargain for someone who wants to up the Tiny quotient in their family dramatically. The items that come with it are precious...I love the kimono <3
    10. well u know i am indeed tempted to get them 1500 for 6 of them erm i need to have a nosebleed...

    11. LOL second that!!!
      they would be mine all mine!!!
      I wish I could see that Giennes face closer *_*
      the one with the long dark hair
      she looks like she has a different face ...but the picture isnt clear enough
      it could be the angle of her head
      I dunno may be its me ...but her eyes look narrower
      But Damn if I had won the lottery ...I would have them all and I would have a tiny Army :D and be in tiny heaven