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Angel Regoin UFK Fair Sale + holiday gifts

Dec 7, 2005

    1. Angel Region has the unfinished kits back up for sale for the fair dolls for $400.00


      Also it sounds like they will be giving gifts to those who order again that have ordered from them in the past

      letter from angelregion:
      Hello! First of all, thank you always for loving & supporting 'Angelregion' dolls. We prepared some "Fast Delivery" items for Christmas season in gratitude.

      * Shipping right away, or 1 ~ 2 days later:

      Fair Boy Nik
      Fair Girl Diana
      Fair Unfinished Kit(Girl/Boy)

      Little Fair(Boy/Girl) - Ami, Ren, Bada
      LF Gienie - Lilica & Edward

      * Shipping around 1 week :

      Fair Girl Nell & Elly
      Fair Boy Allern
      Makeup-completed head(all type)

      We'll also prepare some Christmas Present(Shoes, Wigs, and so on..) for customers who've purchased some dolls & doll accessories from us since last 1~2 years. This special event will last at the end of this year.

      We hope all our customers have a really great happy Christmas!! Thank you so much.

    2. YAy!

      I got a Diana girl :D
    3. I'm eyeing her as well *^^*

    4. Yeah I´ve been looking at her for over a year! And today I was in the greatest luck ever... I got some money back from my old apartment so I went ahead and ordered her! Yay, x-mas pressie for mee :D
      I am really happy!! Though I have no idea how to assemble her XD
    5. dont forget to request instructions with your order or else angel region wont supply them. when i ordered my LF UFK last summer they didn't get give me them because you had to request them. luckily i have strung many dolls and didn't have a problem with it.
    6. Thank you very much! I will let them know that I would like an instruction :D
    7. MYSTERYAYA I just read you update with the holiday gifts!

      I ordered my UFK Diana girl around 24 hours ago! And you write that they will ship them out in 1-2 days! aaaw, I guess that means she will be shipping out tomorrow hopefully!
      Does AR send a shipping notice?

    8. hooray :) i got a shipping notice when they sent out ren but i got the shipping notice on the same day that i got my doll, hee, so it was a bit of a surprise :D

    9. Heehee... I wrote them a mail about it..I hope it doesn´t bother them to much ! I just asked them about this and if they would send at shipping notice :)
      Well, or else I just have to keep an eye out for the postman (which is also rather cute XD)
    10. That makes it sound like they are going to send out gifts to everyone who's bought from them in the past 1-2 years. XDD
    11. Yeah, it sounds like that. ^^" Do you think it is? *keeps fingers crossed*
    12. darn. i just ordered my doll a last week and she's already at my house. i wonder if they'll still send me prezzies. heehee!
    13. erm...what does UFK kit cointain? sorry for silly question:P and how is it different from basic assembly kit? does it have make up?
    14. I went to the site and I can't find the kits... where are they?
    15. The kits are here. :)

      I told my sister about this last night and she impulsively went and bought a Ren boy. I wish I could be impulsive too!! :(
      But I got the shipping notice this morning so that is so fast!
    16. kits just come with the body, head, and string. its comes without make up and without being assembled. there is no wig or eyes either.
    17. That would be quite a task, I'd imagine.
    18. darn. i was hoping they'd offer the smaller sized ufk dolls : (

    19. that can't be true, is it true? did they word it wrong and do they actually mean if you buy something now you get a special present. or is my doll really going to get a christmas present from them?

      EDIT: i really think it is a no. i went to there Q + A board and this was posted
      "If you've already bought some dolls & doll accessories before, you'll be able to get some extra items when you order another doll(s) on this special season. This special event will last at the end of this year. "
      by angel region, with a similar text to what we got in our emails.

      i asked on the Q + A board just to be sure though.
    20. that's what i was thinking when i read it, that repeat customers that bought a doll this month would get a free gift.