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Angel Street free shipping event!

Nov 4, 2009

    1. Hello,everyone!^_^

      This is the first event of Angel Street.
      Form now to 2010/02/28,all of Angel Street dolls with free shipping.

      The free shipping is available when you choose a full doll or the order amount over $200!

    2. Mint on Card will also be offering free shipping on Angel Street dolls, however our shipping event is limited to domestic shipping only. To qualify for free shipping your order must include one of the following:

      - Basic Doll
      - FullSet Doll
      - $200.00 or more worth of A-Street items

      When you check-out you will see a shipping charge on your order, this will be removed after you have submitted your order. We will email you to confirm that the shipping amount has been removed from your order and provide you with your new total.

      If you place an order for an A-Street doll and include other non A-Street items, (such as shoes or eyes), they will also be included with the free shipping event. But if you place an A-Street order and include a non A-Street doll then you will be charged shipping for the additional doll. Again, you will be emailed with your new total after you have submitted your order.

      The free shipping event runs from 11/04/09 to 02/28/10. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.