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Angel Studio 1/6 baby

Aug 26, 2011

    1. I tried searching for a similar forum page, but i couldn't really find anything from Angel studio ;o

      So as i was looking at random dolls and i came over MINI Gus 1/6 (baby) from Angel studio (link below)
      Angel studio's system/page is different from what I'm used to so I'm having problems finding out what size of wig i should be looking for - Iv checked out the wigs they had for 1/6 but there is no inch size there.
      Does anyone know what size (inch/cm) i could use for 1/6?


      (I'm so happy i found him, finally a small doll which does not look like a baby. I thought of changing him to a female body and making a really nature style dollie)

      Other than that - How is angel studio? Any comments about them? Good/bad?

      Thank you for looking!
    2. Hello! I own an Angel Studio momo. I love her, she is a lovely baby. I think AS is a good company and their resin comfort me. Click the picture in my signiture, you can find more photos about my momo.
      Mini Gus's head size is 16cm, so you can still use 6-7 inches wigs.:)
    3. Well, my friend is glad to offer you some photos of her mini gus. Here is a thread about her normal skin mini gus's Box opening (At that time the cute gus didn't have make-up). Since This is in our local BJD's BBS, we all use Chinese when commenting. I hope language won't affect you from viewing the photos
      ^ ^


      We have more photos being shot after her mini-gus get his make-up. But they are un-upload.If you need them, Please send a message to me. I'll upload them for you :)
    4. Hi there!

      I'm thinking of getting Momo too, just a question since you already own one. Did you pick the default skin tone (transparent milk-pink) or did you add for the solid colour?