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Angel Studio will rise price when new website finished

Apr 18, 2008

    1. as the value of CNY(RMB) has rised ,all things in China become much expensive than before,everything is rising its price,as a result Angel Studio has to rise the price of dolls also for the material and member's salary all rised.In a long time AS keep to sell dolls in cheap price and quite good quality,for the owner of AS is really a big fan of BJD,she can't stand dolls in bad quality,and want people all fall in love with BJD,so AS 's doll is cheap but not in bad conditions.Till the new website has finished,all goods of AS will keep to sell in low price ,so if you want to buy beautiful but cheap dolls,please hurry up.The new website will be finished after 4days or more.And price will rise $50 or even more
    2. When are you guys going to open back up =)? I'm very excited to see the new website ^_^
    3. After a long time ,the new website now is open! We have changed and changed,the url ,the colour style,informations,price of dolls,and now ,it is fininshed,but still no new dolls = =||
      I am lack of pictures of new Lucifer and Gabriel,so i can't put them on the website now~~and some new eyeballs ,new cloths also lack of pictures,we will update day by day,to give your new goods!


      Hope you will like it!
    4. Anyone who had buy 1/3 dolls before october in 2007 can buy 1/3 body 42.9USD cheaper than the original price.But you can only buy the same skin colour,Like if you had buy a KANA PINK at 2007 october .Than you can buy a normal 1/3 girl's pink body in the price of 330-42.9 =287.1USD .Please give the old order number to prove when buy new dolls.If you want to buy a whole doll with body and head,we will reduce 42.9USD on the whole price of the doll also.
    5. Hello!
      I have a question... I ordered a Cain whiteskin and an Adam head in pink. Does that mean I qualify for discounts only for whiteskin, correct? Since I didn't purchase the body for Adam yet?

    6. yes you are right,for you only have a white skin body,so you can only buy whiteskin 1/3 boy's body or a 1/3 male doll with the disocunt
    7. donation activity of Angell studio

      Now we chinese are facing the mishap brought by the earthquake,In Sichuan province 10 thousand people are struggling for live,thousands soldiers are saving them on the broken road,under the bulidings that may break down next second.Our premier Wen had hurt his arm when commanding the saving action at the disaster area.All chinese draw together to overcome this mishap .
      Although Angell-Studio is a new and small company,but we still want to do something for the people in Sichuan.So we deciede that we will take some money from our turnover and donate to the people who need.
      from 15.May to 30.June
      1/6 doll:50 CNY will been taken as donation
      1/4 doll:80CNY will been taken as donation
      1/3 doll:100CNY will been taken as donation
      every two week,we will list the sum we donated and the list of buyer on our website to show that we are truely doing the donation.

      one CNY can bring a bottle of clean water to those miserable people;
      ten CNY can bring them a good meal,
      one hundred CNY can bring them a tent to sleep in the cool night.

      And what's more ,your little action will bring them courage and belief to fight with the wretched fate,because they will know ,they haven't been discarded by the world,they will see the light of tomorrow.