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AngelDolls: Easter Bunny Sale! BlueFairy & Coco Tribe

Apr 1, 2010

    1. As promised, Angel Dolls April promotion is now starting.
      We are pleased to announce that on April 4th, Coco Tribe will release a mature body option for their Coco Amber range, perfect for those of you wanting a grown up anthro character. This option will be available for all Coco Amber dolls (17cm & 21cm versions) for no extra charge.

      You will also be able to order any Coco Tribe doll (Amber, Diamond & Quartz ranges) in a limited colour: Pink, Violet or Mint. As usual, the classic colours of White, Normal & Suntan are all available too.

      Kira Kira are working hard on new Flower Doll Room clothes. Their talented fashion designer, Sin, has been kind enough to send us a teaser shot of the unfinished outfits. You can check out Ruby & Wake Up Ruby in their special colours on the mature bodies in this pic (next post)!

      For the Blue Fairy fanatics, we now have all the Special Editions of the Tiny & Pocket Fairies on the website. For our Easter promotion, we have a 10% voucher code for you, valid until April 8th! This is applicable for all Blue Fairy & Coco Tribe dollies, as well as all Flower Doll Room outfits, Bluefairy Wigs & Shoes. Just enter AngelDollsForum when prompted to receive your discount.

      Please PM me or email sarah@angeldolls.co.uk for more information.

      Pictures in the next post!
    2. You can see the limited Pink, Violet & Mint colour options here

      Mature Bodies in limited colours:

      Kira Kira's production picture of new Flower Doll Room outfits.
      (As you can see, not finished yet!)

      Coco Amber Range:

      Coco Quartz Range:

      Coco Diamond Range:

      Pocket Fairy Range:

      Tiny Fairy Range

      All Coco Tribe images provided & styled by Kira Kira :aheartbea
      All BlueFairy images provided & styled by BlueFairy :)
    3. Due to popular demand, BlueFairy wigs & shoes are now available on AngelDolls. And yes, you can use the discount code on these :)
    4. New limited colour is available. You can now have the Violet too :)
      These options are now released, along with the mature body.
      You can also select a special outfit for the mature body.
      New pictures below:

      Colour Options:

      Mature Outfits:

      Mature Bodies:
    5. I didn't see a faceup option on your site. Can you get Ruby with faceup??
    6. Thank you for your inquiry! There is the make-up option if you scroll down the page a bit, just let me know if you need any further help finding it

      Irev, I can see you are rather new here. Here is a link to Ruby's discussion thread:


      We'd love to hear your feedback on the body, so feel free to post in this thread. The news page is for questions about the event only :daisy

      By the way, you can have the standard gender neutral body as well if you wish.
    7. Is the sale only on in-stock dolls?
    8. Hello Shannon, the sale is on all dolls. For example, if you are looking for one of the BlueFairy or KiraKira limited dolls advertised on their websites, yes I can offer you the discount on these. Just PM me to let me know which one you want, as I need to reserve limited dolls for you with the manufacturer if I have none left in stock myself.
    9. TinyFairy outfits designed by Another Space now available too! :)
    10. Thank you for all your support so far. :fangirl:

      It is now the last day of the sale. :aheartbea
    11. Irev, as I posted to you earlier in this thread:

      We'd love to hear your feedback on the body, so feel free to post in Ruby's discussion thread (link above). The news page is for questions about the event only.

      By the way, you can have the standard gender neutral body as well if you wish.

      Thank you.
    12. Last day for the special resin colours for Coco Tribe If you want one of these candy coloured little friends, just visit the shop!