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AngelDolls: Little Monica Count Kliff

Oct 26, 2010

    1. AngelDolls will being taking pre-orders for Little Monica's upcoming Limited: "Count Kliff".

      Following are the teaser photos. As soon as this doll is released, Basic Kliff will be temporarily discontinued. A Renewal version will be re-released in the future with some differences.



    2. From The Little Monica website:


      Count Kliff


    3. Little Monica have released new information on Count Kiliff.

      AngelDolls now have him for pre-order here. > http://angeldolls.co.uk/count-kliff.html

      He is time limited from 28th Oct~14th Nov (this may end sooner, if he sells out earlier then expected).
      Shipping will be made between 10th~14th Dec.

      Set includes:
      1 set of glass eyes, random color.
      default wig.
      outfit - blouse, jacket, vest, shirts, pants, neck accessory, muffler. (shoes are not included)
      doll - head body, two sets of hands.
      default box, 2 pillows.