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AngelDolls: Super Summer Sale~

Jun 13, 2011

    1. Hello everyone~

      AngelDolls is having a sale until Sunday 19th June.
      As some of you know, we do have a Bluefairy shop opening in London later this year. In preparation, we would like to clear a few of the old stock to make room for some lovely new ones & our special event dolls.

      For this week:

      All dolls in the Clearance Section are on sale - so worth looking for a bargain buy.

      In addition, shoes in the Shoe Section are on sale. All manufactured by Bluefairy - so of the highest quality.

      Finally, with the purchase of any doll from our In Stock Section, you will qualify for a Free Gift. You can choose from the following prizes:

      Random Outfit (You can choose from the sizes available)
      Mister Super Clear Spray
      Random Shoes (You can choose from the sizes available)

      Please allow 3 days for shipping. If you need any assistance, please email sarah@angeldolls.co.uk:aheartbea