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Angelesque UK dealer announce a new dealership for Europe!

May 31, 2010

    1. Hiya Doll lovers everywhere!

      Angelesque, based in the UK are proud to announce we are to start a new dealership for Impldolls. This is great news as they are not usually available without having extra purchase charges on top of the purchase price to anyone outside the USA and Canada ;)

      Our site has been updated with their wide selction of dolls SD (star) and MSD (child) and Yo-sd (baby), we will also be able to provide the wigs, clothes etc in the coming few days as they are added to the site, www.angelesque.co.uk

      Our site will be holding stock of these dolls and their accessories available for immediate postage as usual for all our delaerships, we have our first order placed already so it wont be long before they arrive here ready for purchase!

      I hope you will agree that it is great for Europe to be able to buy these dolls without the risk of customs charges etc, we will be doing a monthly order for their items, starting at the end of the month (June) so come over, have a look, and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to email me directly or message me through here :)


      Thanks for looking
      Carol xx

    2. Hiya all!

      Due to a new baby there has been a break from us here but now back on form and ready to go!!!

      We have received our first stock of Impldolls, we have a full set Abigail here ready for immediate postage, also an MSD Vivian with face up and a small Simon, more details are on the site, order to be sent at the end of this month for any more dolls :)

      We have also recently received our new stock of Hujoo dolls, there are Hujoo (girls) and Berry dolls here with and without face ups, also some full set dolls too.

      Loads happening, check out our site, any questions please email angelesque@live.co.uk

      Cheers for looking :) :)
    3. There are 2 days left before the orders get sent to DollZone, Resin Soul and Nine9 clothing. If you would like to order from these companies you can add your items to the site monthly order and you will be kept informed of the delivery times for each company :)