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Angelheim 30% OFF Event - July 1st ~ 14th

Jun 28, 2010

    1. Dear Angelheim Fans & Supporters

      It has been about a year while we, Angelheim, showing our dolls to the most wonderful doll enthusiasts, and now we decided to have a Summer Event for all of you. During this period we would like to adjust all Doll Prices & Doll Parts Prices to easier price. Please take a look at the details below.

      We have been talking over our recent previous customers for the redeem deeply, because they would feel bad about this event. However, we have to do this at some point. So, we would like to give them a redeem points to cover their loss. Please take a look at that parts carefully.

      [SIZE=+1]Angelheim Summer Event [/SIZE]

      Event Period : July 1st ~ July 14th (2weeks)
      All Angelheim Dolls and Doll Parts - 30% OFF
      Clothes, Eyes, Wigs, & Face Up are not applicable.

      [SIZE=+1]Angelheim Recent Previous Customers[/SIZE]

      Zena Owners : will get $50.00 points (to match the EH Girl Event Price)
      Angelheim FULL DOLL "JUNE Owners" (Someone who placed an order in JUNE 2010)
      ElderHeim Full Doll Owners in June : will get $100.00 Points
      JuniorHeim Full Doll Owners in June : will get $50.00 Points

      We know we wish to give this redeem points to all Angelhiem Owners, but we can not do that. Please understand us.
      Thanks and have a great day

    2. Does this include orders of Zena placed after July 1st?
    3. Yes, 100.00 points will be granted for the ZENA order after July 1st.
    4. Oh, sorry I realised afterwards my question wasn't very specific - I meant is the 30% discount available for Zena orders? Or is it just full price and then the 100.00 points afterwards? I really want her, I just want to be sure which it is X3
    5. Will the individual prices be marked down during this period or will the 30% off be taken during the checkout process?

      Also, do you offer custom faceup and blushing requests?
    6. to Ehryn :

      Woops....I made a mistake too.....Sorry...

      Those refund points will apply to previous ZENA owners...(so they don't have to feel bad too much)
      And, we will LOWER ZENA price as well duriing the period.

      We just started the event and adjusted the price as well. Please double check.

      Thanks and have a great day

      to aceinit

      We do not offer custom face up but if it is a simple change then we generally do it. Please discuss us how you would like to do.
      About the blushing, We only offer ZENA blushing now. (Sorry...)
    7. Does the discount go to dolls on layaway if they are put there on one of the sale days?
    8. Yes, Our layaway program is also open to the event. ^^