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Aug 26, 2009

    1. I have contacted Angelheim about this and they said that the snakes will attach by magnets :fangirl:
    2. yes they are an option but not something you can buy on there own (:()
    3. The FAQ says that they will be selling the snake parts with cap and the head seperately in the near future, will that be in time for the 10% off event and the lifetime membership?

      on Sep. 03

      Dear all Angelheim Supporters.

      It has been very exciting moment after our launch. And we are very surprised so many people loved a Medusa Character. Thanks again.

      Frankly, I never ever expected i could write this kind of letter so often with my poor English. However, I am forced to tell you about this update urgently and i have no idea how to tell you about this stupid story now. But sometimes, telling honest is better than telling wisely. So, Let me confess.

      The day before yesterday, we were in TOTAL SHOCK and PANIC by one of the BJD enthusiasts who mentioned about our snake parts.

      To tell you the true, we had been in such a painful development for our Genius Hexagonal Poking Snakes with Magnets. It was a pure pain. (8 hexagonal sticks to make them balanced, and drill the hexagonal holes, and design 8 HOLE wigs.....bla bla bla, we almost took more than a month to complete....We were very proud of this cool invention.... LOL )

      2 days ago, One of DOA member said, "....there might be a stronger magent... instead of poking"
      And that moment we read that, all of our faces turned white and some of us turned into the stone..... And then, we realized that how easily the stressed and isolated enviroment can stupidify us like that simple.

      "Stronger Magnets!"

      "That can get rid of these Geniusly Stupid Poking Sticks and Holes!!!!"

      "And we don't have to make those horrible 8 hole wigs too !!!"

      Making a wig with 8 holes is not a fun at all and that is our MAIN STRESS TOO... (We had to be extreamly carefull about putting islets without the hair damages....)

      Yesterday, we tested with our samples with taller and stronger magnets....and guess what....IT WORKED FINE WITH ONLY MAGNETS.....

      So from now on, Our ZION snakes will be compatible to all other BJD dolls, and even you can attach on the refregerator...

      We are in RUSH to mod this molds and we are truelly sorry for this change happening after the launch. (But it won't take long...we almost finished them by now....THAT EASY.... ) Please understand us we are a newbie and small. But i would like to emphasize that Small does not mean Slow, so i want to call ourselves SLIM which will move quick and modify quick for the better.

      Today, we would like to let people who already ordered and others know this Mod clearly. And we will update whole process with the pictures tomorrow soon. [SIZE=+2](And finally we will sell parts from tomorrow!) [/SIZE]

      Thanks for reading and we must beg your kind understanding.

    5. The snake parts went on sale by now :)
    6. Thank you for your letter... I know just how that feels! :sweat

      I do have a question about the snake parts though. Are the separate snake parts limited? If so, how long is the order period?

    7. Well, we will keep them for a while..so please don't worry and thanks ALL DOA MEMBERS for warm words....:sweat
    8. Dear Angelia

      Would you please possibly post your skin color sample pic here? I would be very interested to get zion head.

      Thanks in advance.