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AngelHeim now at Sakura Den! (Free Shipping offer.)

Jan 26, 2010

    1. [​IMG]
      A Canadian retailer of dolls, clothes, & more.

      We are proud to announce that
      Sakura Den now offers AngelHeim!

      AngelHeim Elder (Large) and Junior (Mini) full dolls have been included in our online pre-order catalog.


      To celebrate this and to help us get started with AngelHeim,
      I am offering FREE SHIPPING to Den of Angels members
      located in CANADA or the USA. Difference shipping will be charged
      to overseas customers. :) This is for AngelHeim dolls only. :aheartbea

      Please note that Canadians will have to pay GST on their order,
      and any Manitoban customers will be required to pay PST as well.
      Sorry. :( Blame the Government.

      Deadline to order is: February 28th, 2010
      To order: Just PM or email me (customerservice@sakuraden.ca).

      Please take a look. :)

      Other AngelHeim products will be added to our catalog over the next few weeks.

      I am very excited~. :D
    2. Updated.

      Free shipping to any in Canada or USA who order by Feb 18th, not just first 3.
      Overseas also added with difference shipping charged.
    3. Just to be clear, Angelheim outfits and accessories don't count?
    4. Will this free shipping offer include parts, such as doll heads like Zion and Venetio, or only full dolls?
    5. Ostrich: Not alone. If you buy with an AngelHeim doll, no problem. I don't have their clothes and accessories listed on the site yet, but just send me the link or the title of the outfit or accessory and I can do that.

      Kiyakotari: Not parts alone. However, if bought with a full doll then yes it'll be included. I've yet to put up all parts in the store, but just tell me what you want from the AngelHeim web site and we're good to go.

      ~Thanks for the questions. :)
    6. Deadline is extended 10 days (now Feb 28th).

      Don't forget you can also use the First Order 5% off coupon! :)
    7. Just a few more days until the deadline.
      I still have a few slots left for my AngelHeim dolls promotion:
      FREE SHIPPING in North America.

      This also includes the new AngelHeim Elders:
      Elf Zion, Ryan, and Venetio 2 (Human).

      Luka the Wolf asks...
      Don't you want to take me home?