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Angelheim released 25cm New Dolls - 12 Zodiac Guardians Series

Feb 21, 2012

    1. Dear DOA Members & BJD Enthusiasts

      We are happy to release our new dolls - MYO & ZIN - and they are our new product line named 12 ZODIAC GUARDIANS, 25cm, based on chinese zodiac guardians which means that there are 10 more characters will be released in future.

      Most of you may have a question about their limitation and we would like to try to keep them as long as we can. However, some skin color, especially Tanned Skin Dolls might be unavailable because of its own skin condition - Tanned Skin is the most sensitive and unstable to the sun ray. So, please be aware of that if you put it in the sun light too much, it will turn to a strange color (not yellowing)

      Anyway, it has been almost a half year to release new dolls from us. The reason is we've had multiple dolls on our desk since about a year ago. So, we think we are ready to show you more of them one by one. :)

      Please enjoy our new dolls.

      Thanks and have a great day

      12 Zodiac Guardian - MYO & JIN Launching Event

      Period : 1st pre-order between FEB 21st ~ MAR 6th

      10% OFF

      During the first order period, Feb 21st ~ Mar 6th, you can get 10% off price on JIN & MYO dolls & their parts. After that period, the price will be changed to the regular price. (FaceUp, Wigs, Shipping & Outfits are NOT applied)


      During the period above, you will get free urethane eyes as a default set,
      MAKO URETHANE EYES VER. 2 (Mako Version 2 Urethane Eyes has extream depth and 3D pupils as well)


      Some of you may want to switch MYO head to JIN head, or the other way. Only 1st order period, we will offer HEAD SWAP SERVICE between MYO & JIN orders.