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Angelheim Released 64cm Girl ZENA - 'Ice Queen' & 'Medusa'

Jun 3, 2010

    1. Dear DOA Members

      My name is Angelia at Angelheim.com and We are happy to let you know that we finally released our first female doll ZENA with 2 characters 'Ice Queen' and 'Medusa'

      Please enjoy



      To celebrate for her, we would like to give a benefit to the 1st pre-order customers and which is $100.00 off on the fantasy parts. After the period, the price will be back to the normal price.

      Event Price
      Ice Crown & Heel Parts (Transparent Resin) - $50.00
      Snake Parts (Grey Transparent Resin) - $50.00

      Regular Price
      Ice Crown & Heel Parts (Transparent Resin) - $150.00
      Snake Parts (Grey Transparent Resin) - $150.00

      As you can guess, we would like to keep her as a basic doll (Not Limited) and also would like to try those parts available seperately later on.
      Please enjoy and have a great day.

      Best Regard
    2. It's a shame she's not limited.:sweat

      Will you be selling the outfits seperately also?
      I would have to have both outfits if I went for Ice Queen!:)
    3. Does she have high heeled feet? And if so, is she available with flat feet?
    4. i love the transparent resin on the snakes are they attached to a magnetic headcap or slotted or do they come with magnets for other sd heads? lovely headsculpt either way.

      also for heal parts is it just the foot or the icy part above it as well or transparent knee on down?
    5. /midnitestar7
      They will be sold seperately and will be found them in our 'Outfits' section...
      I will do that tomorrow early morning ^^;;

      High Heel Parts are included with the EH body and also they will be available for seperte purchase in near future. ^^

      The snakes are attached on the Cap with the magnets and will come with all the magnets (16) for other SD caps too.

      Thanks everyone for your kind interests ^^
    6. Can you show the body without outfit please?
    7. You can see the body under the "parts" section of the Angelheim site. I do wish they would show the head bald.
    8. if purchasing the ice parts separately, are below the knee legs also included?
    9. Will her outfits be sold separately, like the boy's?
    10. /meows
      Yes, legs are included ^^;;

      Yes, they will be sold separately. I will post them in our 'Outfits' section today

      Thank you everyone and have a great day
    11. Will you still be making the boy with hooves for 70 cm doll? You emailed and said there would be male hooved dolls for april / may...hoping this is still a project?