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Angelheim releasing a new body & 2 new limited dolls

Dec 10, 2010

    1. Dear DOA fans

      - Introducing New Junior Heim Boy Body & Body Renewal Plan

      We are happy to announce that we are releasing a new JuniorHeim Boy Body (43cm)
      A few monthes ago, After a long discussion, we decided to re-design all of our bodies and the first one we picked is JH Boy Body.

      Which means that we are not going to cast our current bodies anymore and we are having a Liquidation Sale for the old bodies while the quantity lasts. (50% OFF for all of those stocks)

      We know that it is a tough decision but we think it is better for our future plan.
      Based on our schedule, we think we may need a few more monthes for SD size ElderHeim Boy Body and Girl Body too.

      Please understand us that we just badly want to go for the higher step.


      - Introducing New Limited Edition RAUL & ISAC

      With the new body release, we tried 2 fantasy type dolls as limited editions. They are fraternal twins and will be available with 2 skin tone - Natural(Normal), Tanned.
      We are going to release their full features early next week as well.
      (Only RAUL teaser is done by now. We will update the other boy soon)


      - Liquidation Sale for Old Dolls

      As above, we will not cast EH bodies and JH bodies anymore (some heads are not apply). We are going to have 50% off for all of our stocks except 2 new JH boys for someone who have planned to purchase our old dolls.

      Thanks and have a great day :)
    2. Did the sale already take place? It seems everything is marked as sold out :c
      If the sale hasn't started yet, will the parts like the hooves be on sale aswell?
    3. It will start early next week and yes, it includes hooves i believe.
    4. This may be silly, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask... will the ice and snake parts be on sale too? :)
    5. What kind of tan is Raul going to have? I have the dark tan Kozy and it's a beautiful color. Is this one going to be similar or is it a lighter tan?
    6. Link to website?

      edit: thank you!
    7. The new body looks great!! :D
      But what other skintone match that?
    8. MAGNETIC HANDS!!! i am so excited over the new bodys and parts!!! it is making me curious over what i should get! the old body which is 50% off or the new one with all the great features! but i do have to ask one thing, are the prices going to go up with the new bodys or stay the same?
    9. will luka still be available with the new body or will the head be discountinued as well?
    10. I see everything as sold out also. The one that's going to be on sale is the Junior Helm Body right? Its marked as 200 and sold out. . .

      EDIT: What I was wondering was if the bodies are just marked 'sold out' until early next week aka the time the sale starts?
    11. Also looking for a little more clarification on this. Is it just the bodies that are going to be on sale, or are we going to be able to get the dolls with the old bodies for half off as well? (Like are we going to be able to order a luka for 50% off?)
    12. Yes, they are, and we will update our site on Monday. You can find a section "Liquidation Sale" Menu on Monday. We will finish this work as soon as possible.

    13. You are right. For now, everything is sold out. but on monday, we will start Liquidation Sale with the seperate page marked "Liquidation Sale" and it will end until the quantity last.


    14. For the body, Yes. (I assume it will be about 100.00???) but Luka head does not apply i believe.
      Mostly, Body, some heads (EH), and parts.


    15. $200.00 is our New Body and New body does not apply to the Liquidation Sale. Old Bodies, Parts, and Some heads will be 50% OFF starting from Monday. We will update our site as soon as possible. Sorry for your confusion.


    16. The price will stay same and our old body will be 50% off from that. ^^

    17. We will post our new skin tone on our news section very soon. Thanks ^^

    18. Will the faun hooves work on the new body?
    19. As with their other limited dolls, it was only a specific skintone and their fantasy parts that were limited while the doll's sculpt itself was basic- is it the same for these two boys?