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AngelHeim Ryan head - Now needing help looking for a body...

Dec 20, 2011

    1. First of all, this is my very first thread here on DoA so I apologize in advance in this isn't the most appropriate section to ask this question and I also apologize if there's already a thread for this - I did use the search engine but couldn't find a match.

      So, after a few months of researching I finally found the perfect doll - an AngelHeim Ryan!
      During my search I found lots of other perfect dolls but with this one it was love at first sight, which I thought wasn't ever going to happen between me and a doll until I saw him.
      He's so gorgeous and absolutely perfect BUT he's too tall. I had my mind set on a 60-63cm doll for a long time now and maybe because of that I find 71cm a little too much. But I love him so much that I honestly think I can work things out even if he's way too big.

      I went to AngelHeim official website and found out Ryan is sold out. I was sad for a little while but then I remembered I could still buy his head and body separately.
      Fortunately, his head is available but on the other hand the body is sold out! So now I'm kind of freaking out!
      I thought I finally found that one perfect doll, my very first BJD, and it turns out the whole set is sold out and I can't even get the body because it's also not available! :s

      So, before I freak out even more and give up on him, I decided to ask all you BJD owners and experts a few random questions:

      1 - Is there any other online store that sells AngelHeim Ryan, both the full set or just the body or even just the head? (I checked Denverdoll and JunkySpot - one doesn't sell AngelHeim dolls and the other just has one single doll of the entire collection for sale - and that doll isn't Ryan)

      2 - If I can't find an Elder Heim Body for sale, what other body from other company could I possible use that would look good (almost a perfect match) with Ryan's head?

      3 - Could I use a smaller body (60-63cm) instead of a 71cm one with his head? Or would it look way too weird (the head would look bigger that the rest of the body?)

      Well, I can't recall any other questions right now so I'll just wait until someone replies the ones above and hope that maybe there would be a positive answer ^^

      Thank you in advance :)
    2. I know that Angelheim has plans of coming out with a new Elderheim body, but I'm not entirely sure how long that will take. If you want, you should contact them to find out. You can always put him on a different body but you'll have to be careful there as resin colours can be quite different. You can look here, http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?411773-Angelheim-Resin-Comparison, and here, http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?438032-Angelheim-Natural-Resin-Matches, for the matches. Another option is to wait for your market place access. You can keep an eye out for Ryan or just the body there.

      Hope this helps you :)

    3. Thank you so much for trying to help, at least. However, you actually did help :)
      I emailed them last night asking if they would have more bodies available anytime soon but I'm still waiting for an answer.
      Yes, I'm aware of resin mismatches and the is actually what scares me the most about boying another body from another company. The 2 links you shared helped and for what I noticed, big resin differences are more noticeable in darker tones and there's a bigger chance of successes with white skin tones. And I want my AngelHeim Ryan to have lighter skin so...

      I thought about the MarketPlace as well, but while I'm still waiting I did check a few companies already in search for the perfect body and found 2:

      1 - A Luts Super Senior Delf Body / Real Skin White = http://eluts.com/shop/step1.php?number=294
      2 - Dream of Doll D.O.I Body = http://www.dreamofdoll.com/eng/prod...Order_Name=p_num&Order_Type=Desc&Order_Num=16

      Now I'm going to ask in both those threads you shared if someone can assure me that those bodies would work out with a Ryan white head :)

      Thank you again for answering :)
    4. I can give you an answer for Dream of Doll: other than their limited edition in tan or grey, they only offer one skin tone: a Normal Skin so pink that it's impossible to find a match for it other than from DOD itself. Here's a quick picture of Ryan on the DOI body:


      I would have to say I'm not that happy with the proportion as it makes him look bobbleheaded. And also I have to warn that AH had since changed their Normal Skin tone since I received him in Aug 2010.

      Hope this helps?
    5. Yes, it helps a lot! Thank you for sending in the picture. :D
      I noticed D.o.D didn't specify the color in their website, that is, they didn't give you color options as many other companies do so I assumed they only offered one color (which you just confirmed for me).
      I assume your Ryan's head is a natural color? It definitely doesn't look white...
      But even if your head was lighter, you're right about the proportion thing. His head does look way to big for that body.

      So I guess I can forget about D.o.D's body.

      But I do have a few more to add to the list that is now as follow:

      1 -
      A Luts Super Senior Delf Body / Real Skin White = http://eluts.com/shop/step1.php?number=294

      Which is my main option and I would love to see pictures. Anyone?! (I know I'm asking too much) *-*

      2 - SpiritDoll Herculean Male Body / White Skin = http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/242

      I don't really know about this one... I know it's kind of buff but I do like it. Just wondering if the head won't look kind of small... :/

      3 - SpiritDoll 2nd ver. Proud Male Body / White Skin = http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/123

      Seems a good option but would need advice. I heard somewhere that AngelHeim skin tones are usually pretty close matches to Luts colors and according to SpiritDoll color chart their (Spirit) normal skin tone is soooo close to Luts normal skin so it would mean that AngelHeim's natural skin would look almost as equal as Luts which looks exactly the same as Spirit... Confusing, I know :/

      4 - Ringdoll RGMbody-01 / White Skin = http://ringdoll.com/product/RingParts/RGMbody-01.html
      5 -NobilityDoll 70 Emotional Male Body / White Skin = http://www.nobilitydoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=773
      6 - LeekeWorld DollLeeke L Type-Boy (Solid Muscle) / Not sure about the color = http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_view.asp?it_code=3869&B_catalog_num=11

      I know those are too many options but I'm feeling kind of desperate right now :/
      I wasn't expecting that my first BJD purchase would be so exhausting and enervating...

      My main option is the Luts body but I need - I desperately need - advice! Help!! ^^
    6. The Island doll body seems pretty great to me. I googled for pics of the body and it looks great *-*

      I just found a thread for the Spiritdoll Herculean body but the neck size won't work with AH Ryan's head. Too bad :/

      But I recently found out Glorydoll milky skin tone is a close match to AH white. Gotta go search for more info about it ^^
    7. Bumping! :aheartbea