AngelHeim Special Order Now Open through JunkySpot USA

Oct 9, 2009

    1. The Junky Spot welcomes ANGELHEIM to our lineup...this wonderful Korean BJD Company is pretty new to the community and please check out their beautiful Medusa Zion if you haven't seen him yet, below.

      While we've already ordered some 71cm Medusa Zion for our own store inventory for sale, we're now allowing for customer special orders! Turnaround time is roughly 45 days from time of order. You can choose a full prepayment, or a down payment with the balance due when he arrives.

      You have the options for the basic doll (no snakes) in Pure White, White, and Natural Skintones, Faceup and NonFaceup, without or with Snakes in Pure White, White, and Natural Skintones, and even Snake Body Blushing... Naturally you can see why we're going to allow for special orders with so many options.