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AngelHeim The Medusa Zion discussion thread

Aug 26, 2009

    1. I have to say, this doll grabbed me the second I caught a glance of the teaser!
      Thankfully, I don't do boy dolls so my funds (or lack of!) are safe for now!
      Though I have to admit, I'm really hoping they'll start making female dolls!
    2. Hugely stunning doll. And yeah. Totally reminds me of the Soom dolls, though that may be because of the fantasy nature of the sculpt.
    3. I'm in love. I am very excited to see him more fully.
    4. Someone said there was a link to pictures of the body on the site? Where is it? I fail at finding things tonight.. XD; I think I've fallen in love.. GOD, I don't need this! Soom's already taken over enough! He looks pretty "soomish" to me too.. Beautiful boy... :aheartbea The snakes lour me in...
    5. wow! Way to make an entrance! He looks stunning, although I do hope they do a female version too. The quality looks amazing wow!!! I think the snakes are resin to...do I dare suggest this doll may possibley even put Soom to shame?
    6. Thanks Tosh! Not a bad body at all. I like it. <333
      And Absynthe, it's QUITE an entrance for a new company.. Poor Soom is going to have some competition! XD
    7. I too hope they release a female version!
      Though I'm not sure they have any plans to do so right now.. somewhere on the site it said they have plans for 3 men and a junior (could be girl?), but no specific mention of a female.
    8. Maybe because the faceup looks like a cross between Heliot/Sard/Vega
      along with the very long neck...but so not for me. Not a fan of Medusa
      or snakes. Scary but I guess interesting enough to make me comment;)

      hmm guessing the snakes have magnets, you can always put them
      on a female doll yourself..

      Soom has nothing to feel bad/worry about:aheartbea
    9. Wow, this is very cool! A snake-haired doll is nothing I'd want for myself, but it does bring hope of some very interesting future sculpts!
    10. they say:

      Pre Launching Announcement - ZION

      On 26th of Aug, after our painful long development, we are thrilled to represent our very first doll 'ZION - THE MEDUSA' to everyone and pleased to pre-launched our site. We think we may need one more week to get 'ZION' ready to show off full features and to prepare other product lineup too. Well, as all of you can expect, we have a very long journey to establish a decent BJD studio - Angelheim. There are number of projects still on our desk and those have been on process about a year.

      For our lanunching ZION, We are planning to have a Launching Event during the first pre-order period, and we will announce.

      To give all of you a quick glance about our vision, Angelheim will represent Fantasy & Mythical world. In near future at Elder Heim, we will release 3 male soon, and also about same time frame, we will release Junior Heim too.
    11. I bet the snakes are removable and it's a really beautiful sculpt. :) Can't wait to see more!
    12. I wonder if JuniorHeim will be MSD sized?
      So many people have been wishing for Soom to make MSD sized fantasy dolls for sometime now, so I'm SURE if AngelHeim will sell incredibly well if this is their plan!!
    13. i only hope the prices wont be so high as Soom :XD:
      or we'll all have to sell a kidney
    14. and the pupiless eyes :sweat but yeah, i am reeeeeally glad it a male... my wallet thanks them :lol:
    15. Very interesting! I am amazed at the quality of some of these new companies lately. Angelheim obviously has a Soom influence, but the body and head sculpt is decidedly unique and very beautiful. It will be very interesting to see what they do.
    16. o crud...they do layaway -___-
      i'm going to be broke the rest of my life....
    17. Are there more pics? I looked at their site but couldn't find anything else.
      The main thing putting me off (besides the snakes) is the lack of
      definition of the body. Aren't there enough super skinny long necked
      dolls around? My eyes keep going to the neck that to me looks more
      like a pole and the very odd looking shoulder joints.
      I would be more impressed also if the snakes were different, not all just open
      mouthed. Maybe the head will look nice/match on another body?

      edit: just found the body pics....it looks like it may have better
      posing/flexibility than Sooms (the only thing I wish they would change)
      but the neck/shoulders and rib cage are just odd to me.

      But it's always fun seeing a new company, and it's great that so many
      are liking them already:fangirl:
    18. Very nice concept. A male Gorgon.

      Not too keen on the body though. Why have a high chest joint and a low one as well? Surely better to have a waist joint if you are going to have a three-part torso. Also, the muscle details look a little off. Some particualrly fantasy stuff going on around the serratus and iliac. I guess we have been spoiled by Soom's superlative sculpting skills.

      Still, not too shoddy. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, but I think I am safe.