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Angelheim Venetio discussion.

Nov 5, 2009

    1. A new teaser for Angelheim's new boy: http://www.angelheim.com/shop/step1.php?number=603

      The Great Prophet? Some of my favorite characters are prophets so that catches my attention. ;)

      I like what I see of his face so far. Aside from the mouth his sculpt seems quite different from Zion, but he has a similar intensity that I find appealing. It would have been better if they used a different wig, but the outfit looks interesting from what can be seen so far.
    2. Loving his lips and his very intense looking face. I hope to see more of the outfit! Angelheim knows how to make amazing outfits. <3
    3. I love his eyes, his outfit is fit him well, I agree he's different from Zion too... im looking forward to another angelheim boy XD
    4. Ooh, I like that head sculpt a lot. He's rather reminiscent of the long discontinued Dollshe "Van" mold. I wonder if their NS skintone will match the Luts realskin at all...I might have a use for that head, if it does.
    5. Oh, wow - he's certainly very striking.
    6. Very nice! I am definitely keeping an eye on Angelheim's dolls.
      They seem to be really promising indeed. :)
    7. Awesome head! I do love the Angelheim look, and no that they're shipping Zions, hopefully we'll be able to get some ideas of resin matches for those who don't want the whole package. ;)

    8. heidipay: I wonder if the resins match with other doll like Luts or Dollzone or Dream of Doll... we will see about the resin match soon ^^
    9. Look at those cheekbones!! His lips aren't for me, but I agree that he's definitely striking :) .
    10. Oh my, he has a really unique face. Not sure how I feel about that mouth, but I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures :)

      I wonder when they're going to start selling clothes separately, 'cause I'm loving the outfits they've shown so far.
    11. nice but lips are too thin for my tastes
    12. he looks great. I think I'll keep an eye on Angelheim - so far, I really, really like their dolls.
    13. Oh dear!!! This head !!! I adore it !!! ... angelheim is starting to becoming a must for me ...
    14. Another boy. Sigh.
      Actually, YES! GOOD! Don't have the money to fall in love with another doll right now so KEEP BRINGING OUT BOYS ANGELHEIM! xDD
    15. Hahahah XDD same here~ I even didnt get a chance to buy another doll DX just wait for another angelheim boys... its teasing me... *_*
    16. Is it wrong of me wanting to buy this boy just for the damn epic clothing that he comes with?!
      NGGGGGGGH! It is perfect for my heliot boy. <_<
    17. That feathery cape seems like a really bizarre choice to couple with that lovely brown outfit - and the pattern looks exactly the same as Soom's Chrom cape (only blue instead of red) *_*

      I still don't know what I think of Angelheim, but I must admit the quality of their outfits seems nice. Hopefully they'll start producing some that can be bought separately from their dolls.
    18. For me too, but it looks realy nice ^^
    19. Lol, I am right with you on that ... I know the minute Angelheim starts releasing girls, I am in SERIOUS truoble *_*

      Yeah, that's what I though when I saw the cape ... it really is the same only blue, but surprisingly, I like this one better than the Chrom one ... I think it is because the feathers are so beautifully colored. The choice is still odd for me though since I am such a "red and black" person.