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Angell-studio 1/6 size new body^^

Jun 18, 2010

    1. The new bod does look interesting, I've been considering getting one for a Soom head...

    2. me too... i have a romantic Ai head an i was lookin for a human body for her. I considered littlefee, but I really like AS stuff and this body seems perfect! But I still question the resin color... I don't really care if it's not a perfect match, but maybe its close enought?
    3. hehe,i love the body,too.it's so cute.^w^maybe you can try to ask them in person.^w^
    4. Oh, their new body seems with great flexibility! Hope their 70+ body also can do that pose too!!
      My Henn, I do not know, he is not very cooperative lol
    5. Hi! ^^
      I've asked AS about their bodies and they sent me comparison pics of them!
      The fourth generation body is the newest one.

      I don't know if the third generation one is the normal or senior version though

      Anyway, here are the pics ^^



      I hope it can help^^
    6. heh,looks like the body is coolXDDD