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Angell-Studio 70cm: Claudia, Callia, Ripper and Antonini

May 5, 2009

    1. A discussion thread for the new 70 cm AS dolls...I hope I can just bunch them all together instead of individual threads for each since they're all 70 cm...
      DoA News Thread
      AS Site Link
    2. I really like Callia! (Which is odd for me, as I very rarely like girl dolls)
      Their website is confusing, though...do the 70cm dolls only come in one skintone? They used to have a full range of skin choices for their dolls...and there seems to be a full range of colours represented in the four different new dolls...so if you can pick, how do you choose which skin colour you want? :?
      I also wish they had pics up of the girl body, and detailed measurements, as I can't tell how tall she is...they're in the category '62-71.5' so if the boys are 71.5cm does that make the girls 62cm? Or are they 71.5cm too? *confoozled*
    3. Thats what I was wondering...they didn't have much info on them at all...the site kinda confused me because I'm used to seeing the options

      They have screwed me over doll wise though, they are just so lovely, my doll savings list is suffering now XD
    4. Their so lovely! :D I wish I had the funds but I'm already saving for another one right now :(
    5. I am really picky but I really do like these ones, 70 cm however is a bit to big for me otherwise those vamp boys would have me XD
    6. I like the vampire dolls, but Claudia is my favorite :D She's so sweet ^_^
      And these elf ears are killing me :aheartbea
    7. Ripper = want! Wantwantwantwantwant! :D

      AS is hands-downmy favorite doll company, even though I only own one of their dolls. The things they do with their faceups are just amazing, and the sculpts are all so beautiful.

      I'm kinda bummed that they got rid of their system where you can select the skintone, eyes, wig and clothes. That was really neat when I ordered my Lucifer. I saw that they still had the specs for the eyes and wig and clothes listed on another tab, but I can't find Ripper's clothes on the site or the clothes for the "Count" version of Van, which are equally cool.

      Guess I'm gonna start saving for a Ripper of my own. Now the question becomes....do I get him before or after my next planned MSD. Oh decisions, decisions.:sweat
    8. The "advisory" tab for Claudia indicates you can get any skin tone, if you email them.

      I lovelove her face, and I lovelove AS's translucent resins, but I wish she was available on a 60cm body, as she'd be way too tall for the character I have in mind.
    9. Claudia is really pretty!

      I also like Antoine. Man, I love Angell Studio face-ups.
    10. Wow I totally love Ripper <3
      He kinda reminds me of Dollmore Glamor Model guy, I dont know which exactly.
      The vamp fangs are so cool.
      All in all I like all their four new dolls <3
    11. I love ripper so much>0<he's so cool! I asked the AS's worker via email.They said the new girls are 1/3 doll.
    12. They really release four new dolls,I love Ripper so much!He is so cool.>0<
    13. I love Callia and Ripper. I never liked an AS doll before. I'd love to get them both but would probably end up with Callia. She's so seductive :D
    14. I'm impressed! I'm not a fan of AS but these guys have somethign ethereal about them. I guess I am just fond of 70cm!
    15. When ordering AS dolls, you (unfortunately :doh) now have to e-mail them with the options you want. This goes also for the default outfits - if you e-mail Lily she'll be able to tell you if you can get the outfit separately ^_^

      I really love their girls, and am resisting the boys this time around :XD: Fortunately for my wallet, I really don't need another tall girl and the only 71.5cm doll I have is the AS Gavin and he weighs a ton (compared to the MSD I'm used to!! :lol:) so I won't be getting one of these... or rather, I don't plan to at this time :XD: (but given the monies I'd probably have one of every single AS doll since I love pretty much all of them!! :lol:)
    16. I am in awe about Claudia. I think I may add her to my "Want" list. :)
    17. I love bothe girls... unfortunatly at 70 cm they are too tall, for what I have in mind... pity
    18. I love Ripper and Callia!!! And those outfits are great! And I got my Yan Di only last week, so no funds :(
    19. Wow, I didn't think I'd like AS dolls so much :) I am loving these vampire boys~
    20. I love the girl. I have never fallen for an Angel Studio doll and this one is just gorgeous. There goes my birthday money. :sweat