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Angell-Studio Baby discussion part 1

Oct 19, 2007

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=171666

      I have to say just one thing: Momo stole my heart! *aaarghs* Anyone has any size information/measurements, AS's website works really badly with me right now :/

      .....Mod Notes......

      Company Website:

      DoA wiki Angell Studio:

      Angell-Studio Baby discussion part 1:
    2. according to the site, they're roughly the size of Yo-SD

      height:26cm (I think it says as head included)
      weight: 500g

      body measurement ( in cm ) :

      head circumference 18.5
      脖围 6
      肩宽 5.5
      chest 13
      臀围 15
      整体臂长: 10

      thigh 7
      calf 5.5
      leg: 11
      脚掌宽 2
      feet 4

      My chinese is not so good ^^; so I do not know some of the body parts....
    3. head circumference 18.5
      neck 6
      shoulder 5.5
      chest 13
      waist 11.5
      hip circumference 15
      arm length: 10

      thigh 7
      calf 5.5
      leg: 11
      foot wide 2
      feet 4
    4. cute dolls. I like the posability - they look like they can hold them really well and the double jointed elbows are definitely a plus

      Though (I think this was also brought up in the J-Experience thread), the outfits are heavily based off of previous designs (which I believe they are also releasing). In this case a couple of the DoD ones ^^; Otherwise though, the dolls themselves are very sweet... Just an FYI :) For your comparison below I've linked the doll pages

      DoD Elf Yen: http://www.ecinter.net/frontstore/I...0&mart_id=hoo933&level=&mother_catalog_num=85

      Compared to Yuma: http://www.angell-studio.com/shop/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=245&productname=

      DoD Elf Pitts: http://www.ecinter.net/frontstore/I...0&mart_id=hoo933&level=&mother_catalog_num=85

      Yuna Girl: http://www.angell-studio.com/shop/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=244&productname=
    5. I can read Chinese, maybe i can help :)

      Basic version only includes doll (body and head) 2 pairs of hands, 1 pair of glass eyes, 1 teddy bear, facemaskx2, little bag for doll items, restringing kit, doll protecting soft bag, a few doll photos, certificate, doll colour box, shipper box

      - Makeup : you can choose basic makeup, basic makeup+body brushing, or makeup+detail body brushing (including nail painting) or special request makeup
      - pyjamas (yes/no)
      - smell of the doll (free) : no smell,ocean, lily, coco or herb
    6. I agree with Rilly, the outfits are near identical to the DOC elf ones, but its possible that the outfits had the same designer, i have no idea.
      I just know i'm in love. not fair! Is there a tread somewhere on how to order from AS???
    7. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=192558

      I just got my Dodo - I only have Bahas, Classic Ai and SDs as comparison so i don't know if that would be helpful ... but FYI Rosen Lied Tuesdays Child clothes and Honey Delf clothes both fit perfectly :)

      Resin is nice quality, the BW "snow" resin is quite luminous, more like volks FCS white resin. Her head is pretty big in proportion to her hands, but her joints are fabulous! she stands very well. Faceup just like on the site, and her blushing is cute (I got "fine" blushing but that probably isn't worth the extra $$ so i wouldn't recommend that).

      Angell-studio was nice to deal with (though other people have had issues in the past w/ emails not being replied to), ship time was a little later than expected but only by a few weeks and it might have been due to the fine blushing. They packed her very well and threw in some cute extras but forgot the free wig from their x-mas promotion. overall, i do recommend them.

      oh, and i recommend having these in 14mm eyes and not the 16mm they recommend. Just my 2 cents though.
    8. Hi everyone!

      I've recently ordered a new doll from AS, and I've asked a few questions regarding some issues that were reported here on the forum previously (sometimes a few years ago).

      They were very concerned with my question and asked me to conduct a small search on the matter. They want to have everyone's opinion on the different matters!

      So far I've seen lots of issues with yellowing, some dolls that were stinged way too tightly and strings snapping often. Is there anyone who has had these problems recently with their doll? They would really want to hear about customers! ^^

      I guess you can also send your commentaries directly to AS if you wish to be more direct. :)
    9. I am new to Angell-Studio dolls and wonder what the quality is like. Can anyone who has one tell me? Also the Old White skintone looks quite yellow on my monitor and the Pink looks very pink. What are they like in real life? I would really like to purchase Dodo, but don't know which skintone would be best. Thanks for your help in advance!
    10. Trying again to bring this back to life...here's my new boy North.

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    11. bump. Anyone out there?? My roommate just ordered Ice and Snow, so there will be more bunnehs in the house. Though I get the ears lol

      My real reason for bumping is clothing....anyone have issues with their boy being a little on the chunky side? XD
      I can squeeze him into Rosenlied and Dollheart, but just barely. The DH shorts are so tight on his little thighs they don't go up as high as they should and he really had to suck it in to get the shirt on. The RL outfit I put on him I couldn't get the shorts on the first time, this time I worked harder and got them to snap but they almost wouldn't. The good news is, now that they're snapped, they're not coming undone, even while sitting! The shirt fits fine.

      I'm just wondering what fits and what doesn't, just for future purposes...
    12. I just got an email saying my Kimi is ready! :D With a picture~:


      (hopefully Photobucket won't take exception with the teenie weenie)
    13. I've got a Kimi head on a Pipos A.Derek Body!


      Angell Studio's grey is a shade darker than Pipos's, but I don't think it's too bad.
      I'm not sure how Sooms Grey skin would match; and I think Dikadoll has grey skin tinies too!
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    14. That actually looks really good, Bandersnatch! thank you^^

      I know that Soom Bygg's body would be a decent match since I have the hands on my Kimo...but if I can't get one of those I needs a backup XD

      If anyone has a DK doll grey that would be awesome. I have to buy a tan one eventually, it would be convenient to buy both...
    15. Hi, guys!!!

      I am getting my Littlefee a girlfriend!!! She's going to be a Kevin Angell-Studio 1/6, and she's going to have a tan girls' body.

      I have 2 questions about this doll :-) Do they come in French Resin only???? Or can you get them in normal resin??? I seem to recall reading that they're available in normal resin -- I'll check on Mint on Card, inc., when I buy her tomorrow, though. Can anyone confirm this??? ^___^

      And secondly, they seem like they have a VERY similar sized body to Littlefees... I looked at their chest measurements, hip measurements, and shoulder width, and I must say, Angell-Studios are almost the exact same size as Littlefees -- they're just maybe an inch in difference.

      I'll let you know how Littlefee-sized clothes fit my girl once she gets in; but does anyone have any way to confirm this fantastic theory as well???

      I have sooo many cute dresses from Etsy made for Littlefees, so my new girl is already well-loved and will be awaiting some cute things.

      My Kevin girl is also going to be my first Tan doll. I've wanted a tan doll for my entire life -- as a young kid, I really wanted the African-inspired Barbie, actually; I don't think they even make those anymore....

      Oh, I lied; I have 1 more question. (I'm just so excited that I forgot about this one. Ha ha ha.) Does anyone have experience doing custom face-ups with tan dolls??? Should I be worried about "wiping off" the tan dye???

      Thanks in advance, everybody. :aheartbea
    16. I don't have any AS Tan but I have grey and it's all the way through. There's no way to wipe it off. I did the faceup on both my heads and he's fine :)

      He's also normal resin, not French. In addition, my roommate literally just got Ice and Snow this weekend, one in french, one in normal resin. Oddly, we both agree the French (transparent Milk) is the prettier one XD
      I honestly don't know about their tan...but it seems like normal resin to me from the pictures. you could ask them about it, they're very friendly!

      I have LTFs all over the place XD and all my Tinies share clothes...they do seem to be the same size(ish. I think AS is a hair chunkier, but I could be insane. And I have a boy, though the girls are either the same size or a tiny bit smaller. for that matter, LTF are supposed to have the same bodies male or female and my one female body is way smaller than the male :\ so if there's going to be an odd size discrepancy, it will probably be with Fairyland).

      But, my Pipi girl is wearing an Angel Studio dress and it fits her perfectly, my Angell Studio Kimo has on a Rosenlied outfit I had had on my Leeke D/LTF hybrid...so I think you'll be ok with clothes :)

      I hope like her a lot! AS resin is so nice, they're sturdy, pretty heavy and 3 different people mistook my boy for a Soom XD. And most important, the face sculpts are gorgeous!
    17. Goodness, that is so good to know!! I pretty much figured that since my Bisou has the girl body that her and her girl could share clothes.

      And I've noticed that LTFs DO differ in sizes when it comes to boy or girl. Odd!

      I'm SO glad you have the grey skin version of one of the AS dolls. I'm pretty sure they do the same technique to create their "dyed" dolls, so the fact that you've done their own face-up without issues cropping up is really good news for me. I'll double check, but you've helped relieve a bit of stress on my end. Thanks.

      (Do you use MSC/MSC UV cut on your dolls' faces?? My friend uses Mister Super Clear to seal her face-ups, and I will be, too; I'm just wondering about reactions the colored resin might have, if any. MSC is the best on the market, so I'm hoping it'll work alright. I've not heard anyone have issues with it on normal and white skinned dolls...but a colored resin...I have no experience with that > w < .)

      Anyway. She's ordered!! YAAAAY~~~~
    18. I do use MSC, both UV and non (though I have only had one or two cans of non-UV, I mostly use the UV). I've gotten different results lol
      I have 2 tan dolls (and one head with no faceup yet)...my RS Song in coffee is from a few years ago so he's darker than the coffee they use now, I've given him 3 faceups with UV cut and had no issues whatsoever with him. He's the same color as when I got him and his head was never different from his body. My Iplehouse Kamau in dark tan (ebony? I have no idea) did have color change issues with the faceup a friend did for me...he went grey :O That was the UV, she wiped his faceup and redid him with non-UV and he's fine. I did my Kimo and Kimi head (grey) with the UV and had no color change at all.

      I did the current faceup on my Leeke D head with non-UV...before his faceup his head matched his LTF body perfectly without blushing, after, it was at least 2 shades whiter and was nowhere close :\
      I reblushed his body with the non-UV and he matched again. EDIT: I forgot to say he's NS

      I think with all spray you can get some inconsistencies...even from can to can. the UV will yellow faster, but it's usually the spray yellowing and not the doll...my Dollmore WS boys are still really really white and I think it's because they've been sprayed with the UV all this time, and for this reason, I usually use UV. How many times can I use UV in a paragraph?? lol. I've had way more good than bad with MSC however, and it's easy to predict so I'll keep using it!

      Yay!! Congratulations on ordering!!! I hope they ship fast!!
    19. Oh my gosh. I feel like such a dunderhead!!!

      I'm dyslexic, so when I told you my Kevin was from AS, I was wrong.

      I bought a island doll kevin; but when I put her in my cart, I had an Angell-Studio-made dress that I also bought!!! HAHAHAHAHA.... Oh my gosh. So in my mind, I transposed the two companies!!!

      Excuse me while I slowly back out of this thread...hahahahahahaaa.... regardless, thank you so very much, EVERYONE :-D For all of the incredibly wonderful info you've shared with MSC, face-ups, and tan skin in general!

      See you all on the flip side X-D;;;;;

    20. Just curious~but what kind of event you would like to have the most~n__n' the off on the the price of accessories or dolls~the gifts sent for free or just the special limited items or dolls that just unique enough?