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Angell-Studio: Baron Samedi the God of Zombie

Sep 30, 2011

    1. Personally, I'm a bit sad - I was so excited when I saw the half-skull promo picture, because then I could finally make him into my Cappadocian vampire (from Vampire the Masquerade).... But alas, AS has denied me :(
      Still intending on getting a doll or two from them eventually!
    2. Yeah, I was kind of hoping it would be a mask that would be included or something. :/
    3. Wow, I thought the skull thing was cool! I guess it was just for the teaser? :( I do hope that in the future they do the other Loa's. I'd love an Erzulie
    4. If you take a close look at the half-skull promo image, the skull portion is Photoshopped over the face, not sculpted. I think the purpose of that was just to make the teaser pic, well, an actual teaser, so as not to fully reveal the face yet at that point. Many companies accomplish this in teaser photos by cropping to show only half the face, or with some artful lighting/shadows and such, or by Photoshopping in a ton of diffuse glow, lol. I guess Angell Studio used the half-skull this time because they wanted to go with the Halloween theme.
    5. Maybe it could be a good think to read legends about Baron samedi before make a doll with his name. Because this doll is pretty of course, but it's not Baron Samedi, it's just a classical european noble, what Baron samedi isn't.
    6. @ Hologramme - these dolls are fantasy and Baron Samedi is a distinctly Western concept... Imho it doesn't quite matter the accuracy :-/
      Realistically, Baron Samedi is a mythical entity in and of himself - portrayals may vary.
    7. Does want DOES WANT! I think he's great- no matter how inaccurate or not! I only wish I could get him. :(
    8. I'm not agree with you, if accuracy is not important, so I don't understand the interest to give him the same name. Make a doll with tanned skin, black hair and dress like her a warrior and call her Marilyn Monroe and you will see if accuracy is not important even if you say dolls are fantasy. You can make the same thing for Dracula (you just have to switch the warrior clothes by dancer clothes) if you want a mythical character.

      Yes Baron samedi is a mythical entity and his apparence may vary but there are small variations. Here there is nothing of him.
    9. Hologramme, thank you. I was taken aback by the inaccuracy and inattention given to the history and culture of Baron Samedi in making this doll.
    10. I agree with you. Very pretty doll, but as far as corresponding to the appearance of the mystical character goes... he seems very generic (and an elf-boy, to boot).

      Even just a cursory glance at Wikipedia makes me think AS didn't do much actual research into the character. Putting aside that the mythological Baron Samedi probably wasn't European, and the costume is wrong (I see no top hat and sunglasses), Wikipedia describes him as being loud, brash, rude, and suave, all at once. This doll doesn't project that sort of personality.
    11. Agreed.

      But I will quibble with the phrase "mythical entity" ... unless the saints of the Catholic church are also included under the heading "mythical entity".

      And, as it is in the Catholic church, iconography is a big deal in the religions of the African Diaspora. Why tack the name "Baron Samedi" on a doll that not only lacks the physical features of a Haitian (via West Africa) man, but also lacks the iconic dress and accoutrements that make him instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the religion?
    12. He is a very lovely doll still.
      after reading this comment I went and looked into it and i see where you are coming from but after all it is just a name isn't it?
    13. No, it isn't just a name. That's my point.
    14. I doubt anyone purchasing this doll would be planning to keep the company name for him in any case, especially given that the name hardly matches with the sculpt/image.

      I would chalk it up to a conspicuous case of Did Not Do the Research, perhaps exacerbated by a language/cultural misinterpretation and the possibility that AS decided on the name after the doll and concept had already been put together. Coming from their Chinese point of view, I guess I can kind of see how they might have had this finished doll and costume on their hands, ready to release, and were then in a hurry to find a cool, exotic name that would be associated with aristocracy plus a suitably dark, Halloween-y theme. They do some cursory net-surfing and perhaps come across Baron Samedi in a list of death figures in different cultures. They see the "Baron" title? Aha, aristocrat, check! Skull for face, associated with death? Halloween theme, check! ... And that's probably as far as they looked. *facepalm* Certainly not an excuse for them, but more of an "Okay, I can sort of see how that happened ..." scenario.

      Since it's at least safe to assume that AS didn't mean any cultural disrespect, I find the name mismatch more mildly amusing than anything else, really. (Still not as bad as the name Impldoll attached to their little scorpion-boy, now more safely known as Colin, in his teaser page, lol.)
    15. I find your scenario plausible.

      (And now I'm entertaining myself by imagining similar scenarios, e.g. Fairyland putting out a pukipuki dressed like the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, just in time for St. Patrick's Day, and calling her St. Dymphna. Irish? Check! Saint? Check! What else do we need?)
    16. He looks like he has a very dark personality. Very sombre with many secrets.
    17. Hey guys. I contacted the company about whether the skull part would ever be available, and got this reply:

      "i check with the executive~^__^~ the skull part will be available~n__n~ while just need the precondition~T__T~ i should be ordered by the group order with at least 10 people take part in~X__X~ and the price will be 20USD per unit~"
    18. Such a wonderful doll and I like the idea of him being a Zombie god. This background story suits him so well. <3
    19. o_o Whoa, hold on, so that means there's going to be a skull part accessory after all? Are they going to sculpt one from scratch if there is enough demand (10+ people) for it? Because I'm still almost 100% positive that the skull half in the promo picture is Photoshopped on. (Note that the teeth of the skull do not even align with the location of the doll's actual mouth!)