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Angell-Studio Cake Pixies

May 31, 2010

    1. Oh there so cute!!!
    2. I know! I really like Strawberry Mousse the most. :D
    3. They are cute, I like Chocolate Souffle and Blueberry cheese.
    4. I'm unsure whether the price of $176 is for the full set or only for a naked doll. I sent a PM to Angell-Studio here on DOA and still waiting for a reply. ^^
    5. Oh wow O.O; They're adorable! Are the same dolls available as basics? I'm trying to figure out which one is which..

      EDIT: OH LOOK! It's in the name...:doh I am so smart...:XD:
    6. They are so cute! I like the looks of blueberry and strawberry but I like the names of Chocolate and Tiramisu. lolz But seems like the molds are based off existing ones by Angell Studio. Since they also used boys like Fubao, I wonder if they will come out with boys cake pixies? XD

      @aiushtha they replied on the news page saying $176 it was only for the naked doll. So if including clothing, wig, shoe and so forth, that'll prolly set you back by about $230+

      I do wonder if it is limited edition though.....
    7. @Galileo, yeah I just saw and just got the PM Angell-Studio sent. She said the full set will cost $340 all in all. That includes the doll, eyes, wig, clothes, shoes, face-up and body blushing. It's just misleading though, since they marked them as $176 and are in the Full Set category of their website.

      UPDATE: I checked their website again, and parts of it are down. I guess they're updating.
    8. wow 340$. If i ever get it im likely to try to do faceup myself. I wished they offer them as a set though :(
    9. This was her reply to my PM:

    10. I'll admit I've never looked real closely at Angell Studio dolls, what sort of resin are they? I was poking around and saw 'French Resin' listed in one area and nothing after that.
    11. Oh my gosh! they're so adorable!!!!! Does anyone know if they're limited? and I noticed it said "You can choose the make-up service as you like" does that mean they do custome face-ups?
    12. @twylight: A friend told me their dolls are french resin. I don't know if there are any that aren't.

      @xxpo0k13x: I'm not sure. XD Maybe you can ask their representative through a PM?
    13. I asked them about it and here's what they said:

    14. Is anyone else having trouble with their website?! >< when I click on another link it dosent work...
    15. I'm having the same issue.
    16. Yeah it's not working for me either. But the links I posted on the first post still work.
    17. Waaaaah! I'd love to get Strawberry Mousse! <3
    18. Hey quick question, are they limited?
    19. I asked the same question some time also and they said no..