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Angell-studio discussion

Sep 5, 2009

    1. oh,I saw the pics of new doll!They are so awesome!!I love the red dress!
      But there are only two dolls in the pics??
    2. Are they limited??
    3. Looks just a little "Black Butler" inspired. As such, I'm loveing it~.
    4. Love them! I also got a Kuroshitsuji vibe from the pictures. That red outfit is so gorgeous <3
    5. Will there be more pictures posted before Sep. 10th?
    6. Looks like once again a company was "inspired" by Kuroshitsuji.
      Or most likely copied the style and tried to make it look like something new...
      I dunno weather I should like that.
    7. LOL!! Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel (Kuroshitsuji)!! O___O

      Are they limited ><??
    8. oooooh I'm lovingggg themmm XD

      They're both soooo lovely!!!! AS's recent dolls are so awesomee XD
    9. I love them, exspecially the butler.

      But its kind of a direct COPY of the Kuroshitsuji Characters. ( im a Cosplayer of Sebby, I know that xD)
      They just changed some things but....dunno.
      ( Ok I woudl like to have the "Sebastian" )

      Its the same like Lucifer from Angel Sanctuary they copied...
    10. It's hard to order from them...how on earth do you??
    11. I hope they release the outfits separately~ I love the red one so much!
    12. ;u; I'd like to see something more original. Much as I love Kuroshitsuji.. orz. These aren't anything spectacular for me.
    13. Yeah, seconding the vibe that the design is "borrowed" from Kuroshitsuji. >_>; Especially after seeing the image of the doll in the red outfit with the skull? 9_9 Looks like a direct copy of the outfit--dunno if you could call it creative infringement, but it does rub me the wrong way a bit...
    14. lol. The whole theme is derived from "Kuroshitsuji"
      But im temtped by the red outfit. [since im planning to let Rockie cos Ciel] :)
    15. They are pretty, the outfits in particular are stunning.

      I too am getting a Kuroshitsuji and Cain vibes but the thing is that "the kid and the butler" theme is rather prevalent these days, my roomie and I were counting up all the butler animes and dramas these days and I think we reached a double digit so it is hard to point fingers around. In these times, countless things are inspired and based off of others so I am willing to not jump on them as long as there are points of originality.
    16. Love the butler outfit, the red one is gorgeous too but don't fit in with any of my currents.

      I hope they sell the outfits as separates though... :I
    17. I dunno, it is a popular theme. But the logo part on the top right hand corner is almost exactly the same font style as the Kuroshitsuji logo just in different words... I think that is going too far personally.

      edit: The whole "betray entire world" thing sounds vaguely familiar... though that isn't really an unpopular concept anyway.
    18. Very interesting dolls :)
    19. You say three dolls, but I'm only seeing two? Whats the third, can anyone post a pic or link?