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Angell-studio doll from Tang Dynasty

Sep 17, 2010

    1. angell-studio are going to release new doll~:)
      the thread here
      ;)they are from ancient time,
      so excited to hear this news~
      i always interested in Chinese ancient style.like stories or something,
      the new doll seems to base on some magic fairytales,
      i am really curious about them,
      i guess all of them would come with some gorgeous outfitXDD
      eager to see more of them release soon
    2. Do they even have any pictures released yet we can talk about?
    3. I'm curious about the size, would be 70cm size or 60cm?
    4. I am hoping for 60cm. I bet the clothes are gonna be killer! :D
    5. I know this comics!! Those three charactors are very hot in China^^
      I bet those three boys are 70+ :D
    6. I'm so, so screwed. -laughs- I love me some Ancient Chinese history and man the costumes are gonna kill me. I'm sure they will probably be 70+ but I hope for 60..^^: I will have to find out if they do layaway..or hunt down a dealer that does..because I know I'm gonna want at least one of them.
    7. @rishimsin, you're in luck~ the last I heard Angell Studio does do layaway~ lolz
    8. BAM!

      Found the Comic! link this in the first post maybe?

      Chang an Fantastic Nights

      Took me ages to find it since this is the English title thats being used O.O;

      Chinese History is allways so messy, I love it but It leaves you so utterly confused.
      and all the bizarre stories of Chinese Hero's who are described as MAN MOUNTIANS slaying whole armies from horse back with one sweep of thier sword fwoosh!
      never the less I loved the style of these three they DO look fun XD
    9. OH WOW! thanks Byzantine! i just clicked on the first few pages! i am totally in love with the style! i cant wait to se these guys!
    10. wow,the name should be like thisXD,that seems an nice comic storyXDD
      i'll check it at once:D these guys are soo cool:D
    11. OH WOW! thanks Byzantine! I did not find the English version, so I have to read the chinese version which is such painful>_<
      Run to check the web, they are amazing as usual!!!
    12. Thankies !! I really can't wait to see those characters dollified ^_^ ! I also hope for 60 cm, if not, at least I want those clothes, I'm sure they are going to be gorgeous... I just hope they won't be limited, I'm penniless right now...
    13. This announcement has perfect timing since I was wanting a Tang inspired boy, I just really hope they're 60cm. I've seen the comic some time back so this is great.
    14. I agree with that 60cm would be perfect I just couldnt get a 70cm there to tall and another clothing size to buy for X.x
    15. Yes, I'm hoping for 60cm too. Their 70cm TyRone are gorgeous, but I'm hoping for good looking 60cm for a change...
    16. I'm hoping for 70cm to be honest, the 70cm body is taaasssssty ^o^ and I have been looking for an excuse to sweep one away

      I found sme art book images in my wanderings...



    17. Maybe this three guys are in a different size(?)

      I agree with that, their clothes must be very hot ^o^
    18. @ Byzantine - thank you for the pics, they are great in every aspect. Awwww, if there will be three 60 cm boys, as gorgeous as those on the pictures, choosing one may be the hardest decision of my life....
    19. They look really great >_<
      now, how am I supposed to get so much money in such a short time?
    20. Oh, come-on Angell-studio, I want to see pictures of the dolls allready!
      I can't wait to see what height they are...