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Angell-Studio Free Face-up Event!

May 6, 2009

    1. I was trawling the Angell-Studio site just now and I came across this:


      Looking some more I'm 90% sure the offer is available on any doll, provided you buy the doll with a wig and a pair of eyes. :dance So a great time to order Angell-Studio dolls!

    2. I think it is only for 1/6 bjd's
    3. That's what I thought at first, but the 'Admin' (which I'm guessing is Lily) posted a Q&A reply on one of the new 1/3 dolls saying that if the enquirer wanted to buy the doll in question there was a free face-up event on. Which is why I'm 90% certain it's not only for the 1/6 size dolls. I will have to double-check to be 100% certain though.

      ETA: It was on Ripper. If you look down to the comments at the bottom she mentions it here:

    4. I read it that is you get a 1/6 doll you get 3 spare hands and a face up, if you get any other doll it's just a face up.
    5. I got reply from agent,
      the events include all dolls, but what does make-up A looks like??
    6. Make-up A is the default (more detailed) face-up as shown in the site photographs. Make-up B is the cheaper (less detailed) face-up which is actually still pretty darn good :lol: But the make-up A is the one that looks as identical to the site pictures as possible :)
    7. Is the Angell-Studio site down for everyone, or just me? I can get to the main site, but clicking on any of the links (in any browser) gets me php error pages, so I can't see details about the event, or more pictures of the dolls than show up in the first gallery thing I click on...

      ETA: Seems to be working again.
    8. Yes, it is true. They are still under construction and some times when you click on something you receive an error page because at the time you are not allowed to do anything unless you are a moderator and fixing the site. If you know what doll your getting, and all the other info... you can e-mail them your order :)