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ANGELL-STUDIO in VillemoArt Shop - OCTOBER Preorder - Poland/Europe

Oct 2, 2009

    1. Hello everyone,

      A new preorder for dolls and accessories in VillemoArt shop.

      We are starting to sell ANGELL-STUDIO and we have just openned OCTOBER Preorder.
      We will collecting all orders for Angell-Studio dolls and acessories from 01.10-31.10.2009

      Please visit our site for details: www.villemoart.com
      We are still updating our site with dolls and accessories, so around 10 of October we will have full offer. In meanwhile please visit Angell-Studio official site: www.angell-studio.com

      We are situated in Poland/Europe.


      And off course there is an October preorder for other companies we sell: DOLLZONE, Ringdoll, and new - Island's Doll withe their new dolls: COOKIE, BOBO and AMY :)

      Thank you