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Update Angell-studio jointed hands

Oct 22, 2009

    1. http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?gallery-AS%20Hand%20and%20Feet_184-grid.html


      butter,snow white,pink,sun-tanned

      100USD (butter,snow white,pink)

      The width of 1/3 jointed hands' ball joint is 16.5mm
      The width of 70+ jointed hands' ball joint is 18mm

      And the skintone can be choose among butter(normal),white ,pink and sun-tanned skintone.

    2. Could this be compatible with Volks resin?
    3. Will these be limited?
    4. It's according to the colour of your volks doll^^

      It's not limited item.:)
    5. What is the difference between the 1/3 size and the 70+ size hands? Is it the different sizes for the 58/62 and 62/71.5 size dolls?
    6. Will you make the jointed hands in any other size? Specifically 1/4?
    7. is this in urethane or french resin?
    8. It says "solid" skintone on the website, so I assume urethane resin.
    9. Okay, so in the pictures we see only one set of hands for both sizes, but there are two sizes clearly listed (1/3, 70+). Which size of hands are we seeing in the pictures, and when can we see pictures of the other size?
    10. They are awesome! :D

      I know AS say it's for SD and 70cm size, but what are size measurements? I mean, wrists and the size of the hand.
    11. any chance we could see skin colour comparisons please because if they will match Volks sunlight skin (the tan lol) that would be awesome!!!
    12. oh my gosh....

      I really like ball jointed hands....I wonder if they will fit to all SD dolls ( in my case 62 and 65 cm) ?
    13. will these work with bobobie normal skin tone?
    14. Are these compatible with Iplehouse NS resin?, I´d be interested in SD size.
    15. What would shipping be for this item to the US? It appears on your site that a shipping cost will not be given until after the order is placed and I'd like to know before I order how much it will be.
    16. I've been hoping for something like this for a long time. I'm interested in knowing if they would be compatible with Dream of Doll's DOT bodies.
    17. Me too!!! are you realizing msd size also?

    18. will you release them in normal resin?
    19. I'd like to know this too please! ^-^ I found it hard to tell using the skin tone comparisons ^^;