Angell Studio Mermaid Doll

Jul 23, 2020

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    2. Oo a new mermaid. how did you find this? I really like the gold/orange. She's like a goldfish mermaid
    3. Oh no I'm in love!!!!! She's beautiful
    4. She is gorgeous! I might end up breaking my budget....
    5. Beautiful!!
    6. Such beautiful detail in the tail and faceup! I hope they release information about purchasing, I would love a pretty koi lady.~:love
    7. Oh nooo everything about her I love. Color scheme, outfit, and wigs. She's so pretty!!
    8. New Clover Singing has officially teased it, so she should be released soon hopefully. Login • Instagram
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    9. Clover singing already listed her. Damn, she's so beautiful. It's a good thing she's 1/3 because if she was smaller I'd definitely get her.
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    10. Man if I can also get her hair accessories and clothes, I'm totally pulling the trigger
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    12. What are your thoughts on the overall design of the mermaid part of the body kind- plan on getting one but couldn’t really find any reviews or additional photos of AS mermaids. Any comments and additional info would be helpful for me
    13. I really like the design, don’t have any complaints. Faceup is absolutely beautiful and I really love it.
      Also, for some reason she doesn’t smell like resin at all. Her wig came with a very sweet smell I really like.
      No seam lines even if u search very well.
      I just have to say she is a really, but really heavy doll. If you don’t take the end of the trail off she won’t fit any bag and I think it will be really hard to take her anywhere if you don’t have a car or something. Mine has never been outside.
      I think she does pose very well, BUT the tail part needs a little getting used to. You have to learn how to pull the tail parts and stack them one by one and that thakes...practice.
      Also one thing you have to be careful is, the end of the taill is made in 2 parts held by a magnet. If you move the tail too much it gets detached and I almost broke it once when it fell. To fix this I used some of that really sticky korean white eye putty (the one that comes with fairyland and all korean companies) worked as magic.
      Other thing is, her belly is made of transparent resin painted skin color. Color match is pretty good, but you can see it’s not made from the same material. It doesn’t bother me but who knows, better to let you know. I think I’ll have to find her a corset when she yellows I think...because than I’ll be able to see the difference in color.
      Other problem, as you might have noticed, it’s really hard to find clothes for her. I don’t have the previous mermaid’s one, so mine is forever naked. Still have to figure something out.
      You can see more pictures of mine on my instagram.
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      Oh, btw, I don’t think the tail is that fragile. It feel really sturdy and as long as you don’t drop anything it doesn’t feel like you need to handle it with care.
      Anything else you want to know don’t hesitate in asking ok.

      Actually it seems they won’t be selling the outfit this time, It’s just a sample unfortunately.
      The only outfit that fits them well is the blue one released in 2018. Is really sad because I love this one even more. Maybe if you are good with the needle you could make one perhaps...
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    14. Angell Studio Mermaid Tail/body construction

      This is an album showing the construction of the ASdoll tail. They appear to have digitally designed it and 3d printed master models for casting as in the last couple pictures of the album i show visible layer lines.
      The tail pieces have numbers carved into them showing the order in which they should be put together. 1 to 23.
      Tail pieces 1-4 are one layer of scales each and 5 until the end are two layers of scales each.
      the tail fin are in two pieces and click together. One side has a male end and a bar that the tail elastic will hook onto, and the other tail fin is the female indentations that the the male ends will click into. originally there was supposed to be a pair of rectangular magnets in the rectangular indentations of the tail fins, but i believe they took out the magnet for international shipping to reduce the chance of the parcel being flagged by the scanners. the abdomen is made of a clear resin and then airbrushed with skin color to try to match the chest/arms. However it's still visually evident when the two pieces are together that they are slightly different.

      My mermaid is bought second hand and evidently has yellowed, so i took her apart in order to dye it and get it back to a more blue or blue green color like her tail fins are.
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    15. @bahboh
      This reconstruction pictures are so cool. First time I see the trail apart!
      I feel most people have the light blue color tail. I don’t know why mine has such strong blue and purple colors (not that I mind at all). Mine came with magnets attached by the way. But her in Japan I’ve never had problems with parcels. They don’t charge any extra taxes eather.
    16. Thanks for the opinion was able to make the decision and am happily waiting for mine since I was able to order the recent release.
    17. Oh! I’m happy I was of some help! I love those mermaids so much I ordered the new release as well!
    18. They’re really pretty and have always wanted one just so happened I got into the hobby when the first two were already sold out. Just asking for reference how long did it take for yours to arrive?